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Adam Zorrow's Biography

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Or, why he's a dick to everyone. Or, first biography here.

"Mister Zorrow, would you care to explain why the wall of the Captain's office has melted?"

"Not really, no."

Once upon a time, some guy had sex with a drunken woman and ran off. The woman didn't support abortion for whatever reason, and thus begins our story. Adam Zorrow was born in some bland, rugged, and dirty town in the Eridani Federation. The town was filled with people who opposed the heavy militarisation of the Federation. From the moment of conception, life looked grim for Adam Zorrow. He'd never grow into any great person, never into a productive member of society. But, destinies are never set in stone. At the age of eight, Adam discovered this fact of life, and decided he would grow into someone who mattered, someone who stood out from the falderal of daily life. Someone who wasn't just some passerby with little beyond pointless trifles and bagatelles. But what could a person living down in the dumps possibly do for revenue to grow into something great? You can't just hope and have all your dreams come true. Adam had no schooling experience at his young age, his parent couldn't afford it. But, one day, when Adam was around 14-years-old, he ended up in the really wrong side of town. He was cornered by some members of a gang who he saw murder a man. Adam should've been killed right then and there so no witnesses could testify against the gang members. However, the ring leader of the gang saw something in Adam and took him under his wing.

From then on, Adam was working with a clandestine and rough pack of people, dealing drugs and holding up store clerks. With every crime Adam did, his amount of money grew. Adam stuck with the gang for a good four years, never having to do any jailtime or any grievous crimes. One day, the leader of the gang was shot and killed over some territory dispute. Adam was not around to look over the gang leader he cared for. That gang leader was the only person that really took an interest in Adam. The man cared for Adam like the dad he never had. This man knew he would be killed at some point, and wrote a will in advance. The will stated for someone in the gang to collect all of the leader's money and wealth that was stored up for when he would skip-town, and give it to Adam. And that's exactly what happened.

After taking several months to swallow all his tears, Adam took the money and left his mother behind, sparing just a bit of his money so his mother could feed herself. That was the last time Adam ever saw the person who gave birth to him. He used the money he had to pay for school. Adam passed through his schooling with flying colours. He knew the opportunity he had shouldn't have happened in a million years, and he took advantage of it through hard work. Adam ended up in a fairly nice college, where he met a sweet green-eyed girl named Sophie. They went through a friendship then into some romantic relationship. Sophie would soon prove to be Adam's only lover.

There was something about her that Adam could never describe. Something about the way she carried herself, and the way she cared for Adam and sympathised with him. Adam finished college, and the couple moved into an apartment together. Adam had his major in chemistry and worked for a pharmaceutical company. He was glad to be doing something in his life, though he never felt that feeling of real importance as he hoped for. Sophie majored in a bunch of different subjects related to writing, and wrote novels. None of them really took off, but she enjoyed it.

The two lovers had plans to get married. But one day, Sophie died as the two were relaxing in their apartment. The emergency services couldn't get to them fast enough, and even when they did, they could never understand what happened to Sophie. She was the only reason Adam stayed alive. The only person who understood him was gone. Complications in her death prevented her from being cloned.

Adam accepted that reality was harsh and cruel, and that he should be equally harsh and cruel The only thing that matters is just caring for yourself. What people thought of him was no longer any sort of issue for Adam, and he was free to be an asshole to everyone and anyone. Adam slipped into the realm of drinking and popping pills until he hit rock-bottom. He quit his job and eventually became unable to pay rent. Just when he was about to be evicted, he was awoken late one night by the telephone. A representative of Nanotrasen called and informed him that NT wanted him to be a part of the 'Nanotrasen Family.' Adam rejected the offer and hung up. He was kicked out off the apartment and forced to live on the streets, just like old times.

What happens now is cloudy, strange, and may not be real. Adam was visited by some Avatar of an Elder God. Yes, an Elder God. Due to this, Adam Zorrow believes Elder Gods exist. But, this may not have actually happened, as Adam was still experimenting with drugs at the time. It could've all been some wild hallucination. Anyway, this being told Adam that he would find his purpose as a Medical Doctor in Nanotrasen. Adam didn't believe this being, until he brought up an image of Sophie, who told him that was what she wanted as well. Again, this was all probably some hallucination. Adam decided he had to become a Medical Doctor, but he had no money to go through medical school. However, he met a retired doctor in a bar, told him his story, and the doctor, for some reason, decided to help Adam. The doctor taught Adam all the tools of the trade and provided a place for him to stay. After years of learning from the doctor, he forged certifications for Adam and wished him good luck. Adam never saw the doctor again.

He called Nanotrasen and found that the offer from before was still available. Adam took up the offer and ended up on a station in space, working as a Medical Doctor that's never gone through any formal medical school. Adam still believes that gods, specifically Elder Gods, exist. From time-to-time, he'll hear voices in his head, either giving him some item of interest, or sending him on some quest to spread word of the Potato God or assist someone in summoning a god to fight back Yog-Sothoth. Maybe the effect of all those pills are still lingering, or maybe Adam is some divine being chosen by the gods to do their dirty work once in awhile. Probably the former, though.

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