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Bio-Engineering research? (Healing Stations, etc)


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I have no idea if it's possible. I was thinking about Combine Union Overwatch of Half-Life 2, where captured humans were made into even more stronger, controllable brainwashed troops.

What this engineering should do is take a look on how humans can quickly regenerate anything like blood-loss or so, making the human body more synthetic, technologically advanced, methodical and systematical. Basically, a superhuman in all ways. Of course, they'll have problems with being shot at, being near death and so on, but the research team, (doing the bio-engineering work), would setup special healing stations for them, that has to be replaced with a battery each time it's depleted. (heehey, maybe even add an antag option to brainwash people and control them.)

There should be at least some sort of implantation available to regular humans to use these "healing points", those who do not have it, won't work for them. But this research should take hour long. It's nothing like genetics have to offer, this is technology+biology.

((i mean, come on, our spessmen live in 2457.))

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I don't see this happening for a single reason: MMIs.

Transhumanism, as I understand it, aims to improve the human body because we can't replace it. Except these people CAN replace it - both, technically, by being implanted into a Genetics-modified protohuman body with your unique identifiers AND by being implanted in a vastly superior mechanical body.

It would require major game changes for this to happen, as JackFractal said. But it could be interesting IF we decide to do that.

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