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Glimpses [Short Story WIP]

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We faced death



Roots That Rend The Soil

We floated, weightless, darkness pressed around us, flashing lights growing dimmer as the shuttle moved, She was reaching for us, her fur blowing madly in the wind, the loss of pressure as space clawed its way in, her short fur covered in frost as her wide tear filled eyes stared at us, We watched as arms wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her inside, struggling her lips moving as she cried out our name"Rrrrroooots! Noooo!"We watched as the emergency shutter lowered its flashing lights signaling it's seal, We felt the heat of the engines, the pulse of radiation as it picked up speed, Briefly we saw her, faced pressed against the glass, tears streaming down her face as her fists pounded on the window, shouting something we could not tell, We faced Oblivion, Its gaping maw filling what little we could see, debris floating past us as it pulled us towards it, vanishing, Briefly a sign passed us

N.S.S Aurora


This is a work in progress!


Our day had begun normally, We arrived on station and began our journey to Engineering, many people passed us, sounds and voices filtered scrambled, uneven It took time for us to recognize someone infront of us, Her vibrant energy as she smiles and laughed, her tail swaying as she talked about something, We cannot recall it at this time but she grabs our shoulders and with a sharp tug pulls us down licking our face before giggling and running off, leaving us to stare after her for a moment before we continued our journey, passing by the Gravity Generator we stopped placing our hand on the door it opened with a mechanical hiss as we stepped in moving the two steps to the second seemed to last forever, voices, dozens of voices spoke in our mind as we digested the information we had recieved earlier, from the Tajaraan that had been talking to us.."Rrrroots!" she cried out, quick footsteps heard behind us, the slap of her sandals on the floors as she grabbed one of our arms, spinning us around as she laughed, running ahead of us briefly as she began to speak, telling us about her morning, getting up and eating breakfast and getting ready for work, saying goodbye to her sisters and brother and leaving, the long commute to work and the uncomfortable seating before she laughed, stopping infront of us smiling brightly and her tail swaying as she grabbed our shoulders and licked our face

The information had been sorted, understanding flowing through us as We began to enter in the setting into the Gravity SMES the hum starting up in the backround as it powered up we turned walking to the doors as they hissed, opening for us we continued our journey to Engineering, arriving at Engineering, raised voices as someone shouted out orders, We found ourself pulled, being shoved out the airlock as plasma canisters were shoves into the Arrays and the engine was secured, The Pressure of space surrounded us, a comfort as we moved to touch a field generator, the top lighting up as we pushed away turning on a emitter as we moved onto the next, turning on generators and emitters as we went, with a hum we felt on our skin the field snapped on, a blue glow casting on our green skin as we moved back inside having to wait twice for emitters to fire before continuing, the airlock hissing shut behind us as pressure returned before the airlock opened, voices and light flowing in as we stepped out, a loud throbbing hum sounding as The Engine fired, throbs of radiation dancing across our skin as we moved closer, staring out the window as the Singularity formed, stage one swirling helplessly in its cage feeding on The Engine before surging with growth, growling and more demanding now it paced its cage and before long, it was stage three and sat in its cage, staring at us hungrily, we heard it whisper

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