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Collector's offer. Bid starts @ 200k.

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Just a general announcement to anybody interested. One of our fireteams tasked with infiltrating the anomaly on Xeron 4 in its respective system managed to dig up a dusty, heavy-ass tome. Had to deploy a bloody cargo walker AFTER THE FACT, nearly tripped the sector grid alarm. Thank fucking God they didn't screw this op.

Anyway. Said tome was about 180kg, couple feet wide and long. No idea how the squad figured out how to dig the giant paperweight out of the underground of that hellhole. Apparently the fireteam leader didn't make it out. Apparently, they attempted to read from the massive pages of this book. Went mad. Self-mutilated themselves. Threw themselves out an airlock naked when they couldn't take it anymore.

This was around a month ago. The crew just now got back from their voyage, even though they should've been here two weeks ago. Some of the crew are telling us stories about how they ventured into several alternate dimensions. Given their descriptions, it sounded like Hell. Maybe even worse.

We had tasked the ship intelligence with transcribing the tome, given that one of our very generous clients gave us a tip about the digsite as well as a translation key. Had it uploaded to the Ship Director's database. AI hacked into it and then went to work on it as it sat in the analysis chamber.

Tome's titled the "Book of Ascendant Worms". Sounds pretty insane, but the Hell if it isn't interesting.

Seems like there's around 50 entries, though not everything seems to be completely translated. A lot of it doesn't make sense. Rambling nonsense.

Though, some of it sounds quite disturbing. We're looking for a buyer now. Starting the bid at 200,000 credits. Shipping won't be done until we perform a complete and thorough analysis. We also ask any potential buyers to withhold payment until we confirm we're ready to perform a deal. As much as we'd love to take six-digit sums off the hands of a certain wealthy agent provocateur...

Well, we still got a rep to uphold.

Will also upload snippets of the tome's contents as translated from... whatever it is, to Tau Ceti Basic.


--Transmission Terminated--

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Page fragment archive. Still decrypting...



Menaces and predators -

Carved to endure by Narzon -

Third surviving son of the Osmium Wyrm's last brood -

A STORMHUSK. A stormhusk is a living cloud. When it passes over our realm, it lowers its feeding appendages. Everlasting, extended tentacles. On each tentacle are the BAIT STARS. Although light makes you happy, you must avoid it. You will be eaten. The Dark is your Ally.

A stormhusk is a good way for an elder to choose death. Also, a daring hound can cut the bait stars from the tentacles. I have six.

FALLING. Taking a fall off the edge will lead to your death in the ocean. You will drown. This is a special hazard for when our father uses the engines.

THE FLESH BINDERS. The currents of the Catalystys Ocean bring us near other continents. The Court of Marrow is near us now. They are of our species, but they are our adversaries. Their dogs raid us every day. The Flesh Binders have two legs. Two arms. Three eyes, or more, just like us! But they shine so bright with light. I want to be a hound and fight them! Kill them!

The Flesh Binder ambassador ate ten of my sisters as tribute. This is normal. But I resent it. Greatly.

MATRONS. Matrons can fly! They live much longer than ten years. [Editor's note: Ten years? These lifeforms were oddly short-lived, yet their depth perception surpasses that of a young human child. Or perhaps a year to them is not a year to us?] Matrons are very smart, and they guard their spawn. If you try to tamper with the eggs, they will eat you. Saphrona wants to eat the jelly and become a mother when she turns four.

STORMS. The rain is often poisonous. Dissolves flesh. Bone. Chitin, of higher forms. When lightning misses our lightning farms, it can vaporize any one of us.

This entire realm is deadly to us. But this is normal. However, I resent it.

MYSTERIES. The Catalystys is massive. We are the tiniest specks of the Dark in it. If you don't understand something, it will likely kill you. Ground your memories into sustenance. Consume your very being. My teacher Orasmii says this is why we have such short lives. So we can breed and adapt quickly.

SATWAVES. My sister Sieth is afraid of the moon waves. When she gets back from her expedition to the Monoliths, I will ask her why.


For the consideration of the Court of Marrow,

Written in desperation,

This sealed secret. My verse of hate.

I am Orasmii. Sterile matron. Teacher to the children of the Osmium Court.

As a matron, I live long. As a eunuch, I rise above the small battles of court politics.

I alone see the patterns and amalgamations of survival. Alone I designed the great engines that move the Osmium Court. Now -

Alone, I am the kingdom's salvation.

Senility has claimed my lord the Osmium Wyrm. He is ten, and mad. The study of ancient text and syzygy. Today he raves about the moons and the stars beyond them, above the storm. Tomorrow he will wander the endless halls, speaking to his familiar. A giant, dead, white lesser worm from the deep sea. He keeps it in glass, and he tends to its rotted carcass. And he neglects the duties of a ruler.

The High Wyrm has three heirs, each only two years old:

Narzon, the youngest and bravest. He wishes to lead lesser hounds to war.

Saphrona. Most clever. Commendable. Mischievous. Wants to be a matron. Pah.

Sieth. Navigator child, Director of the moons, storms and stars, who dreams of the infinite ocean. Tomorrow she will return from the Monoliths.

None of these are suitable heirs. None of them will protect the Osmium Court from the howling Catalystys. Narzon can fight, but not lead. Saphrona can think, but not fight. Sieth’s curiosity will draw her away from duty. I fear for all future children.

Soon the Osmium High Wyrm will lock himself into the Royal Orrery to study the moons. Gather your knights, o Flesh Binders, and invade our continent. Kill the three heirs. I will rule the Osmium Court as your regent, and build engines for you.

And if I fail, let the Leviathan in the deep eat me.

Written in grief,

This hateful request,

Orasmii, Osmium-mother, neutered to watch

[Ed. Note: Wow. So Orasmii was planning on deposing the heirs to this throne, huh? Pretty terrible 'matron' if she doesn't have any patience to teach the kids leadership, show a little guidance and teach them how to defend themselves. Wonder how this'll play out.]

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Thank you for providing the data of the books - most black-market collector shops do a disservice to artifacts by keeping them absolutely secret until it is locked away from prying eyes by the buyer.

It is quite the interesting book, however - and I am willing to pay three thousand per entry/fragment data (send the most unintelligible first, I want to run cryptosequentics passes on them).

Though as for actually BUYING it, we want to ensure that it is appropriate. Could you describe the outer appearance of the book?

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