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General Book Discussion Thread

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Yeah yeah, there's already a thread about this, but it was back in early summer. I'm not one into necrobumping, so I thought it would be better to just start up a new thread.

Must like the older thread, this is merely here to house people's enjoyment of any and all books. Maybe you are only reading The Magic Treehouse or something. Whatever you like read, discuss that here, yo.

On the subject of that, we should discuss the fact that Battle Royale is one of the best novels (of it's subject, of course). It also may or may not be one of my favorite novels (along with Lord of the Flies, but who doesn't love that?)

It has all the stuff you want, that the rip-off novels like Hunger Games and Divergent refused to touch. For one, the story actually make sense. Second, the people actually know each other so you got to read about long-time friends betraying each other. That's always great right? You get the saddest deaths in the "teenagers-killing-each-other-in-a-government-event" genre of books. What more could you ask for?

So, on that note, discuss other books that are swell, and that you like.

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