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Bran232's Ban appeal

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BYOND Key: ChewFoodPew - Bran232 -

Total Ban Length: Seven Days

Banning staff member's Key: tainavaa

Reason of Ban: During the events of a cultist round, fifteen minutes or so into the round, I was killed by rampaging cultists. I logged in as the listed acount above, ChewFoodPew.

Reason for Appeal: I apologize to the community, and the staff of Aurora. I was caught up in my emotions of being pissed and removed from my last round that night, before I left for work. I wanted to continue play until I had to leave, regardless, I disrespected the server rules and I apologize for the situation and I hope the community and staff of Aurora would see fit to remove my last few hours of my earned, and rightful ban. Thank you for reading.

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