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Appeal - Karima Mo'Taki

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Appealing Personnel: Karima Mo'Taki

Specific Incident: Actions placed on Karima Mo'Taki due to assault charges of Sura Cantara

Action taken as a result: Mandatory attendance to Anger Management classes.

Action contested: Mandatory actions were placed without proper information from Karima Mo'taki's side, due to being unavailable.

Reasoning for contest:

To Duty Officers of NSS Odin;

Greetings, she is Karima Mo'Taki. First and foremost, she would like to apologize for her lack of response for the incident in question - she had been called away from Tau Ceti during the time, and was unable to be contacted for several different reasons; both business and personal. She had not received any messages until her return to Tau Ceti a few days ago. When she did return, she had discovered she had missed the deadline for the interview, and she learned pf the actions placed upon her.

She would like to place an appeal for these actions, as she believes she was wrongly accused of the incident in question. Karima can file a written statement if necessary, and she is more than willing to be present for an interview.

Karima is a diligent worker aboard the NSS Aurora, and she does not wish to have her reputation tarnished by inaccurate reports. Please, she asks of the officials of NSS Odin to take a second look at her incident report, and give her the chance to be investigated properly.

Many thanks,

Karima Mo'Taki


Additional notes:

OOC: I had been away when I got the messages, and I really, really wanted to do this DO interview. Also, if this is the wrong section to post an appeal, by all means, place it where it belongs.

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