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Special Role Ideas

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This is for those who get special roles and want an idea of something fun and interesting to do. I have a few of my own to start off, mostly for wizards.

A member of [x]: I made my own lore for Tajaran wizards, and when I got rolled for wizard, I played "The Purple Queen" ruler of the Clairvoyant, Ive also wrote lore for The Sect of Jargon (Skrell), and Hegemon Shadow Casters (Unathi). If you want to play with any of those, feel free, I wouldn't mind.

Here since before the beginning: This is for a diona wizard, the gimmick is you were born before the beginning of the universe, and you survived the end of time, and the Big Bang that created the new universe. You can try to share you knowledge with the crew, or you can be insane, corrupted by Billions and Trillions of years of life and experiences.

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That OTHER hive: You come from a Hive that was a little more... Fanatic than the other hives. A long time ago, you used to gather secrets from the other Hives, and take out unwanted individuals. To do so, you were kitted out with the best kit any Hive could ever hope to have. But, when you turn yourself into that, a machine with nothing but complete loyalty to a mission... Things can go wrong. Your kit overcame yourself. Once you controlled your mission, but now your mission controlled you. You just went mad, and now you seek information anywhere you can. Any other Vaurca that stand in your way should have much to fear as well.

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