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Lawed Synthetics

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Splitting the history into chunks like this makes it a little confusing, as is the decision to treat AI's and robots as separate things.

I also find the decision to call cyborg animals 'robots' a little confusing. Generally speaking, I've never heard something with a biological brain called a 'robot'. That being said, I do like the term 'tinning', I can see that as something that would catch on.

I'm not keen on the idea of 'positronic brains' being an actual thing and I really don't like the idea here that there's just one type of them. In the version of this that I wrote, 'positronic' is just a human slang term people use to refer to microprocessors running AI software, and there are lots of players in the AI hardware business.

The AI history doesn't really make much sense as you're sort of starting in the middle with the part where humanity acquires the graph-theory equations without having established the context for what that means before-hand, why the Skrell have them, or what they're supposed to do.

I don't think this is bad, and I'll be the first to say that the big blob of text I created about the history of synthetics is indigestible and full of grammatical errors, but I'm kind of confused as to why you're doing this. Is there something specific you're trying to fix?

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I started this with three main pillars in mind:

-Complement, not overwrite.

-Establish legal context of forced cyborgification

-Define, in clear and legible terms, what each category implies.

Now, for the reason behind each decision:

'Animal borgs being robots' - I'm going to need to go into detail here. The suggestion I make is to differentiate between machines which use animal brain matter as processor and machines that use an actual integer brain as a processor. Chauncey's robo-chihuahua is an animal cyborg. DELTA-12, even though it has dog brainmatter, is a robot. Does that make sense?

Positronic brain I have to agree - but as I said, it was designed to complement, not replace synthetic lore. Positronics were a thing in the lore, so I didn't dare replace it - but if that part is going to go up for review, I'm down with defining more closely what is, isn't, and what can replace a posibrain. Personally I can see it being a brand of processors.

AI thing, as I said - complement and expand, not replace. Also, to me, it made sense that way - Nanotrasen is a rather human-centric company, and so even though Skrell are equal, it made sense to make it more focus on human stuff.

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Posting to say I updated page with suggested changes.

Notable changelist:

-Switched the History format from being split across all categories to be it's own category at the bottom, ordered

-Included a segment on Skrell AI history for context

-Removed all instances of 'posibrain' as a thing - it's now a Hephaestus Industries brand of processors (just like Pentium/i5/i7 for Intel) AND a domestic name (like how it's never 'acetylsaliciclyc acid' but always aspirin; it's never a vacuum flask, it's always a thermos, it's never glass wool it's always fiberglass. They're all frisbees regardless of brand. And most people will look at you wierd for calling a JumboTron a really big TV/screen.)

-Added clarifications of robots VS cyborgs (robots=non-Turing complete androids OR brains grown/adapted to an interface, cyborgs=an interface built for a fully-developed brain without alteration to the brain)


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