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Duty Officer changes


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Hello, Duty Officer leader person here.

Over the past few months, the Duty Officer system has been failing; incident reports have been piling up, investigations have been prolonged, or not even taking off at all, all that sort of thing.

After talks with Skull, the system that Duty Officers work under is being reworked; giving Duty Officers more freedoms, reducing the red tape that lengthened the processes they worked under; part of this involves reducing Administrative intervention, so that you are more likely to see Duty Officers being more active in rounds, as they do not need to have everything okayed by a staff member. Incident Reports will also benefit from this, as only the most severe punishments will need to be confirmed by TishinaStalker, or myself.

In addition, we will also be instating a complaints system; this allows you to anonymously submit a complaint to Central Command (Through Google forms, of course), along with various pieces of information. This will be recorded; to note, this is not free reign to submit false reports there for the sole purpose of having a character you OOCly dislike removed; this isn't to say that ICly, false reports can't be filed, but if the report is then investigated, and found to be falsified, Duty Officers may begin to search for the perpetrator. If the system is used to go after characters for OOC reasons, data will be passed along to the Administration, related to Metagrudging.

These complaints are designed to replace the multitudes of lower level incident reports that get posted, instead, only the most serious incidents, where things are MAJORLY fucked, will be posted as incident reports. E.g. A Geneticist is a chucklefuck who flushes corpses, full needles, etc, and Security, Command and IAA don't care. While a complaint is more along the lines of insults, general poor behaviour, bullying, various.

These are not an excuse to not tell Security/Command/IAA about in-round incidents; they will be your first port of call; if they fail to handle it adequately, or it happens repeatedly, whether in the same round, or across multiple, then you file a complaint. This isn't going to be taking jobs from Security or Command.

I am sorry to say that this does mean that all current reports will be wiped, there are too many to be easily handled, and many are old enough that details of the events have been lost. I am sorry for anyone who is affected by this, but it is an unfortunate result of the restructuring of the way Duty Officers work, and I accept full responsibility for that failure. I would please ask that older reports are not resubmitted, for the reasons addressed above.

Addendum: There will also be some small functional changes to Incident Report forms, mainly to help us find stuff.

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This, along with the new wave of duty officers you're recruiting, makes me excited for the future of IC problem handling.

Also, you mentioned all reports being wiped - I'm not sure it's that big of a problem since reports, in the first place, were supposed to be for reoccurring things? If anything it gives player one chance at not giving people material to make a report/complaint out of.

Anyhow - I'm looking forward to this.

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