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Hardsuit biosuits

Guest Bokaza

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Well, a little incident today reminded me that pressurized, airtight hardsuits with internals running don't function as biosuits, aka., a a disease magically gets through an inch of metal plate or airtank. While it can be handwaved as a suit functionality, I think it's highly nonsensical it can't be used as a biosuit when needed.

Make it so that they actually do the job of keeping the microbes out.

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It would make sense to do that - OR at least make it possible to treat it, or wear something underneath, that serves that purpose (Bio-jumpsuit and bio-breathmask?)

Though as far as handwaving goes, I'd picture it more like this: hardsuits could be designed to vent a little gas (the surplus CO2 that people breath out), and while that venting happens a design oversight causes, for a fraction of a second, a small backdraft as the valve closes, allowing microbes in over time)

But yeah - having hardsuits be virus-proof (wait, aren't medical hardsuits virus-proof?) might be a good idea for a wide variety of reasons.

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