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One of the biggest differences I've noticed between Space Station 13 and Lifeweb is the sheer lack of sound in SS13 - Lifeweb gives you audio feedback for nearly EVERYTHING. Loading a gun. Unloading a gun. Putting down/opening the blast doors. Getting shot. Lying down. Opening a can of soda.

If SS13 gives you a audio feedback for something, Lifeweb makes it more noticeable. Louder. More distinct.

Basically, SS13 feels dull and shitty. More audio feedback for things you can do, please.

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Basically, SS13 feels dull and shitty.


generally why lifeweb is more enjoyable at the moment. there's millions of things you can discover, but us losers have been playing the same game for so long that we're getting jaded.

updated soundfiles would be nice. I still have some old laser rifle soundbites ripped from my new vegas immersion mods. Crispy ozone sound.

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