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Human/Skrell medicine gets best results on humans and skrell


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Every time the topic of giving Tajarans or Unathi more racial-based abilities comes up, it runs into balancing issues. We don't want them to be straight up better then humans, just different... and part of that difference could be not responding as well to medicines which were developed by (and for) humans and skrell.

Now, this would obviously have to be accompanied by giving both species a bit more of what they should be good at... probably brute strength/toughness for our eight-foot-tall lizardman warriors, and keen night vision or improved speed or something for our fuzzy-wuzzy catbeasts... or whatever. There have been quite a few ideas to this effect. The point here is that we could justify some such boosts by making unathi and tajarans respond more slowly to common healing meds like dylovene and clonex (after all, how much money is there really in researching cloning catbeasts and liggers?), and perhaps even make tricord totally useless on them.


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