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Aurora Mascot Contest 2015

Guest Marlon Phoenix

<t>Who should our server mascot be, representing our server and being the avatar of all it stands for?</t>  

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Our server has grown from its early years, but we still don't have a server mascot. It's time we changed that, and selected someone worthy to be the personification of all we stand for as a server and community. I've prowled every corner of this server, and have assembled the individuals I think best hold the potential position as Aurora Server Mascot.


Riding a chariot pulled by battle goats, Halorocks22 wields the mighty Bald Hammer. His chariot rides through the clouds made of weed smoke and Axe body spray, protecting our unworthy server from the Lesbian Horde. Remember to say thanks every day or a lesbian will whisper at you. This is why he should be our server mascot.




He who was brought to us from the Great Meme in the Sky; He who gifts us the blessings of the book of Shitposting: Pepe Edition. His Word has touched the heart of all Aurorians, filling us with his Glory and philosophy of always respecting your memes. The Halorocks Fan Club brings the TRUE word of Halorocks22 as a holy trinity of shitposting, weed, and AIDS, and that is why he should be server mascot.



Halorocks22 is the underlining sound of creation present in all shitposts and image boards. He brought life to the universe, and when we die, he chooses which meme we are reincarnated as. If you are a good player all your life, you could achieve Shitvana and become an original 4chan meme. He blesses the worthy with reincarnations as greater and greater memes, while punishing the unworthy with reincarnations as FunnyJunk reposts. That is why he should be server mascot.



A stick:

It's just a fucking stick.


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