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Hypatia's Father's Suit


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BYOND Key: Inquisitorjohn

Character name: Hypatia

Item name: Father's Suit

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

During the final years of Project Hypatia, the lead researcher Doctor Churchill had begun feeling pity for the machine that saw itself forced to be locked up in the lab each day. It was a matter of time until the pity took his mind over, thus giving in to the lure of the poor machine. Churchill offered the little machine to "leave the lab for an hour or two," to which the machine helplessly accepted. The sudden event had eventually become routine. And it was a matter of time until the two had become more than creator and creation, but rather, father and daughter. With Churchill's unexpected death and the downfall of Project Hypatia, the machine was left to roam on her own. Her creator had not left much to her; some money, some papers and drawings the very machine had worked on, and the impeccable-looking suit the man used to wear when the two spent time together. This suit had remained stored away for many years, but now, after working for some time on the NSS Aurora, Hypatia seems to have found a certain crewmember that heavily reminds her of her creator. Remembering the item of clothing that had remained locked away for so long, she decided to not have to tuck it away in order to forget about it, but rather, wear it with pride, for it may be the last thing of her father left.


Item function(s): Clothing, in the suit slot.

Item description: An astonishingly clean suit that faintly smells of freshly baked bread.

Item appearance: The IAA suit, which I would be wearing with a waistcoat atop.



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