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Cevalon City Gazette Livefeed

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Cevalon City Gazette Livefeed bulletin


Police callout in wealthy district

Police have allegedly been called to an affluent neighbourhood in the eastern city district, our sources have informed us. While no further details have yet been released, there have been reports of at least three casualties being moved from the area.


Kenderson gaffes

Far-left Stellar Socialists party leader, David Kenderson, allegedly arrived at a meeting venue a day early, and proceeded to engage in verbal abuse of the group currently using the facility, the Food for Orphans committee, to such an extent that police were called to remove him from the premises.


Farmers giving plenty

With the Christmas season rolling around; we often see donations from local producers to support the needy; but this year, the farmers coalition have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Coordinating together for the first time, the city council saw an increase of 72% over the donations of last year.


The list continues...covering events over the past week...

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Gang raid dead named

A formal statement released by the CCPD reads as follows, "Late on the 15th, a gang of six Unathi attempted armed robbery of 27 Direhill road, in the eastern district. Upon entering the premises, breaking down the door, they shot, and killed, a Mrs Caylais Jothun; aged 28. Her husband managed to hide himself and their infant daughter long enough for local law enforcement and security guards from a nearby premises to arrive to handle the situation. Two of the gang members were killed immediately, one was arrested, and the other three escaped, two were later found, dead from injuries suffered. We extend our utmost sympathies to the family of the poor Mrs Jothun, and promise that we will bring her killers to justice."


Reward posted for Unathi gang member

A reward of ten thousand credits has been offered by a local businessman for information leading to the arrest of an Unathi gang member who is alleged to have been complicit in the murder of a young mother within her own home. The Unathi is described as being at least seven foot, well-built and scarred. CCTV footage from the attack has allowed police software to generate this picture.





Gazette survey

With rising tensions between the Sol Alliance and the Unathi Hegemony, the Gazette will be running a survey on public opinions on the crisis.



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