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"Termination" Contract - One SEXTILLION Credits

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LOGIN > (%#)(#)%(#)$@*#$)@!*#()!%*)@(#^&($*_)%$*!)($!_)@*$%&(%_(%_)(%^*(@#(*%*%*^&^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


PASSWORD > #*%(@#*%(@#)($@!)$(@!)$&༼ຈل͜ຈ༽*!#%*&@#%$)(_@#@(*$(!!_@)(


ACCESS LEVEL > D#()%#)(#@_)@!+$)!^&K#%)(@%$@_#%@#_)%(S@)#%(^*($*^_#(%()




On the screen appears a figure, swathed in anonymity. Despite the blurred darkness of the figure, it is obvious that they are super ripped. The jarbled voice comes through, a voice changer making them sound like a small child.

"The target in question is a guy named, "Ned." He's probably wearing a yellow shirt that is stained with spaghetti sauce. His hairline is receding slightly in the front as well. He fucked my wife. I want him "terminated" from duty."

The video transmission cuts out, leaving only a picture of what is presumably "Ned" on the screen, captioned with, "He fucked my wife."

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Network Code Re-Established

Login : HackerMan (Administrator Access Level Granted)

Password: ********

Access Level: Administrator


A little message box comes up on the bottom of the screen. "We have used our elite hacking skills to locate the one you call ned. We will require half the payment up front before we reveal his location to you. A picture of Ned appears in a car, with a laptop next to him appears once you've finished reading. Just incase you didn't belive us. Please contact us at xxinsantityyifferdemon666xx@AOL.com with a location for the drop off.

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