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Arvak Morekborn's Dionaea application

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BYOND Key: Arvak Morekborn

Character Names: Karl Magnusson, Hugrekki Undisson

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt) : N/A

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I have.

Why do you wish to play this specific race?:

I love nature, and I love new things, so playing as a Dionaea has big appeal to me. I would also like to play as a Dionaea because of the mechanical differences between Humans and Dionaea. I'm trying to get all this game can offer to me out of it, and I feel like playing as an atypically functioning organism would provide for that want quite nicely.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Other than the technical differences between Humans and Dionaea, i'd enjoy the change in demeanor from my typical characters to the typical curious personality of Dionaea. I've only play curious characters ever so often, and would like to see how well I can do it here.


Whispering Willow o'er Stubborn Rock

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs:

Birth from the darkness and cold, and into the even harsher world. Alone. Unsure. The seed that was to birth Willow fell into just that, a willow. A small crew of unidentified origin and intent was carrying a small amount of Dionaea seeds in their cargo hold. They were leaving the barren rock-covered planet they were upon, but were struck by a stray asteroid. The ship was clobbered, and the crew died almost instantaneously. The fragments of space junk flew about in space, lazily drifting along with no specific direction. A sole fragment of the ship, the cargo bay, was lazily floating towards the planet. It was soon gripped by the gravity of the world, and yanked from space. The fragment hurdled towards the ground in a fantastic fashion, catching fire as it descended. The Diona nodes were fortunately protected by the atmospheric re-entry by the metal coccoon that was the cargo-bay hull. After mere moments of raging fires, and massive temperatures, the cargo bay slams into a flat rock face, and with whatever massive divine luck was with the seeds, they were sent spouting from the cargo bay. Some seeds were crushed, others were malformed by their exit and made unable to grow. Two lonely seeds survived. One was sent rocketing into a dead willow tree, the other landed on a small patch of dirt. Surrounded by a sea of stone, these two beacons of life took root, and grew. One seed, the eldest sibling, was born with highly deficient genes. It came out a malformed and pitiful nymph, many times too small for it's own survival. It died within an hour of it's disgorgement from the pod. The second sibling, the one within the willow, sat for weeks. It grew until the willow's interior could no longer support it, then popped from it's pod. Light above it's head, it climbed from the pod and out of the trunk of the willow, and into the harsh world that would be it's home for several months.

Months of crawling into the willow, and out again to observe the day, and make food from the radiation saturated, sun baked atmosphere of the planet. His sibling long decomposed, the unnamed nymph sat alone for the entirety of it's very early life. Then, after just shy of a year's time, it's solitude was broken. A NanoTransen affiliated research team dropped to the planet's surface, just a few meters from the gnarled and dead willow that the lone nymph inhabited. If it was the nymph's curiosity or just fate we will never know, but he crawled from his home in the willow, and looked out on the researchers. They spotted the nymph almost immediately, and scooped him from his willow. He was whisked away to the ship, and taken from his lonely home up to the stars. He learned to speak as the crew did, and promptly named himself, as he felt he should. The bleak vista of rock with a single, dead willow tree atop it that once was his home sprung into his mind, and he knew what he would call himself. Now called "Whispering Willow o'er Stubborn Rock", the young nymph found direction in its life, and was taken into a world that it learned from with all due awe.

What do you like about this character?:

I like the curiosity it'll be carrying along as is per Dionaea. I'm also fond of the potential for me to find a sort of "mentor" on the station that I could hang around; I feel it'd be pretty awesome to be able to hang around someone and actually get to know their character, as my typically played character usually only brushes people's surfaces.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?:

I'd say i'm a fairly good roleplayer, but I certainly have some kinks that could do with working out. If time is a testament to my skill, i've been roleplaying on various games/forums for about 4 years now, and i'm a huge fan of roleplaying in almost every aspect and form, but I am still fairly new to SS13. (I've only been playing for a few months)

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I have a question.

When is the last time you have read the lore page? There has been some changes recently, which makes this character (while interesting) not entirely correct.

The most notable two things is that one, nymphs do not "hatch" early - they go into hibernation until they have sustenance. Two, the pod would have had no trouble following the roots of the willow down to where, most likely, there was nutrition - as Dionaea are particularly versatile at that.

Otherwise, once you fix these two details, post a link to your whitelist in the OOC chat (once per round) for advertisement so that I may have feedback from other players as well.

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I read the thing before and during my writing of the little thingy, I must've not seen the hibernation thing. Also, I don't remember saying the pod had trouble getting to the nutrients, I might've worded it poorly. I was thinking that it was just an upright log basically, that was completely hollow in the middle save for the pod.

Also, do you mind telling me exactly what wasn't correct so that I can correct it specifically?

P.S.: I said the Nymph hatched early because while I was a botanist, I grew some nymphs, and it said they were malformed and underdeveloped, and they died. I assumed that was a possibility

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In light of this new information, it's pretty much just the hatched early thing. The botany is explained simply by faulty pod genetics - just like an animal or plant can develop with severe malformations, a diona can grow wrong and die at birth. Thing is, because of how dionae work, botany gives them the best conditions they could have, allowing them to grow real fast - so it didn't hatch early, it hatched on time, it was just a bad pod.

Otherwise, it checks out. Get some people to vouch for you, and I'll approve it.

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I've encountered Whispering Willow on a few different occasions across the last day or two. He seems to be pretty good to me, and faithfully portrays a Diona Nymph as well as anyone I've seen. I think he'll adapt just fine to a mature Diona, and he handled the special traits of a Nymph without any particular issues. (Not causing problems by getting into places he really shouldn't be, that is to say.)

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I just played a game with Willow and it was one of the most enjoyable rounds for nuke I have been in. Solely because of Willow. Made for great displays of emotion, awesome conversation and overall just a wonderful RP experience. There was a point in which all three of us, Fraser, Willow and I were laughing IRL. In the end it was Willow who ended up saving Fraser and I from blowing up on the main station which made for a great conclusion to the round. If anyone understands Dionaea it is Arvak.

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