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Tau Ceti - New Gibson & history

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Hi. So you know, I have been trying to make Chris Blade more or less conform with lore. I read over the lore at length and more or less had Chris Blade hail from the atmospheric domes of New Gibson. Few questions I want to clear up to make sure Chris remains believable.

1. New Gibson is an industrial hub and relies on the atmospheric domes for its population to survive, correct?

2. Have there been any wars or mega-events in Tau Ceti (canon) that a resident of 25 years (or more) would HAVE to know. (Besides, perhaps, Biesel being in NT's pocket and their frenemy separation from Sol.)

3. Has New Gibson lore been developed to a point where there's anything specific about their culture or the way they live? I imagine from what I have read that it is not developed beyond the usual societal tropes of the wealthy having a better quality of life than the poor, but my imagination is not the be all, end all of Aurora's lore.

4. Misc question. Anything important readers should know about New Gibson before making characters that reside there? (Ex. How long since its founding?)

5. New Gibson is part of Biesel and follows Biesel's laws, correct?


I'm going to take advantage of the fact that my questions are unanswered and add

6. What's the economy like, AKA, if 4noraisins cost...I don't know...whatever...5 creds...how much would a small spacefaring vessel cost? And would it be out of the question for folks to pool their credits and purchase/construct a station to live in?

I'm assuming such a thing would be a good 50 million credits, but, hey, man can dream.

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