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[Denied] Gibson Law Party, Tau Ceti Election

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Application for the Gibson Law Party, a New Gibson, Tau Ceti political party.

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Political Party

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Officially, only recently, 2457.

Region of Space: New Gibson, Tau Ceti

Controlled by (if not a faction): Various New Gibson benefactors.

Other Snapshot information: Figurehead is a long-time New Gibson surgeon, Dr. Markus Scythe.

Long Description:

The Gibson Law Party was financed by several wealthy New Gibson families and various religious individuals. Its main message is to bring an absolute iron fist to the sector with regard to crime and punishment. The Party hopes to bring the Zero Crime Bill to Tau Ceti,

Under this new act, 1. Capital Punishment for Murder would be legal. The preferred capital punishment under the Zero Crime Bill would be space exposure/exposure to vacuum or void. 2. All crimes that were not murder, in addition to their normal punishment, would include mandatory psychiatric assessments of not less than ten sessions paid for by the violator, and added to the violator's public debts if unpaid. 3. Those accused of an offense would not be entitled to a lawyer or tribunal. 4. RESERVED FOR SENATE ADDITIONS. 5. Crimes would be judged and sentences imposed exclusively by Magistrates. 6. The Republic of Biesel would formally withdraw from the Luna Convention, citing its inefficiency in dealing with hardened terrorist organizations. 7. Criminals originating a non-Tau Ceti sector, particularly criminals originating from the Sol Alliance, would be subject to a mandatory surcharge of 50,000 credits per offense. non-Tau Ceti offenders without the ability to pay could carry the debt for up to a year before facing life in prison. 8. A 50,000 credit annual tax would be brought against corporate installations that choose to operate outside of Biesel Law.

The party's treasury is currently large enough to operate for a year. If it does not gain popular support, its backers are likely to defund it and attempt to influence victor parties. Its major supporters are folks with no criminal record.

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OP hasn't been around for awhile and the whole party thing has become slightly irrelevant given it isn't election season anymore.

So! Locking, archiving, denying, etc.

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