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Slime Rancher - Aurora Ranch of Slimes

Guest XanderDox

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I found an awesome game in pre-alpha called Slime Rancher, it's incredibly fun and very reminiscent of things such as the Chao Garden, and perhaps loosely Harvest Moon. You are a rancher who maintains a slime ranch, you capture slimes, put them in corrals, grow food and raise hens to feed them, and can combine them to be the most profitable you can. This will be the story of The Aurora Ranch of Slimes.




December 25, 4357 'Day 1'

I've received my newest assignment from Management. I've been appointed to the position of Ranchmaster of this derelict ranch on the planet Calbozor. Corporate made me assume I would have some staff helping me, perhaps even a nice living accommodation, but now I realize why they took off so quickly when dropping me off. They expect me to revitalize an entire slime ranch all by myself... Of course my skills are widely known, and I'm making a pretty penny for it. I've attached a picture of my lodgings above, do you see what they put me in? It doesn't even have plumbing. Anyways, I need to get the pens ready... I'll be back on day five. Oh, and here's what the ranch looks like. Yeah, it's a dustball.



Slime - A creature discovered by the human race on other planets outside of the Sol System. They produce a crystalline matter unique to their sub-species know as 'Plorts' when fed.

Plort - A crystal excreted as waste by slimes after consuming food. Plorts vary depending on the sub-species of slime they originated, for example, Phosphur Plort is used as an environmentally friendly light source, as it glows in the dark.

Largo - A second life-stage of a slime, a Largo is a hybrid cross between two slime sub-species, combining traits from both parent-species into a single, much larger slime. A largo is made when a slime of one sub-species ingests the Plort of another sub-species. An example is the Pink-Tabby Largo, it is effectively a large, pink, tabby slime, that not only maintains the meat-only diet of the Tabby, but now can digest all organic materials, courtesy of the pink slime genes.

Management - The term used to refer to the Corporation that owns and operates the ranch, you receive mail from them, and other colleagues in the slime-ranching world regularly.

Hen-Hens and Roostaros - The equivalent of chickens, Hen-Hens are large poultry that most carnivorous and omnivorous slimes enjoy eating. Roostaros are male Hen-Hens. Within Hen-Hens, there are sub-species such as the Stony Hen. There is minimal difference besides appearance, and the eating preference of the slimes. For example, tabby slimes prefer Stony Hens over Hen-Hens.

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December 30, 4357 'Day 5'

What a great five days. I managed to get the ranch established fairly well, and even have chosen a name, the 'Aurora Ranch' . Really sounds nice doesn't it?

In the last five days, I've gotten a fair bit accomplished, I got a Pink Slime corral all setup, and occupied! Turns out there is quite the slime colony nearby!


Once I had that done, I fed the little buggers some carrots and fruit I harvested from nearby, and they produced enough Plort that I was able to sell it and afford to have an entire new pen constructed! Had some trouble deciding what to put in this corral... We'll get to that later though. After I setup the first pen, I decided I'd setup a Hen-Hen coop, most slimes love devouring a good Hen-Hen, and they're quite cute to keep around as well, and there was a fair amount of them just loitering the ranch anyways, so here's how that went:


Yeah, I managed to find a nice Roostaro too, wasn't easy, but I found him hiding in the bushes not too far from the ranch, hopefully they'll have the Hen-Hens pumping out eggs soon.

Once I had everything nicely setup at home, I decided to go out further, past the area of influence of the ranch, and I came across this lovely grotto:


There were some interesting slimes there, if my Slimepedia is correct, the species present were of the Tabby and Rock variety, with a lot of pink intermixed. I made the mistake of entering the grotto to play with some of the slimes, by accident, I gave a Rock-Tabby Largo (Hybrid-Slime) a Pink Plort... And well... Let's just say Management received an order for new pants and underwear from me shortly after, turns out, developed Largo's can't handle receiving a Plort they aren't genetically similar too... Something I was /NOT/ informed of. Needless to say, this happened:


Apparently those things are called 'Tarr' , at least that's what Management told me, they where courteous enough to update my Slimepedia with an entry on them as well. Basically, they're highly dangerous slime-cannibals that devour other slimes to procreate, but they die in the sunlight and water is toxic to them... I didn't know that at the time, so I grabbed as many slimes as I could from that area and ran like the wind back to the ranch... The Pink Slime Corral welcomed a few new slimes after that..

After that debacle, I had the pleasure of having not one, but THREE Phosphur Slimes wander onto my ranch, now hear me out, these aren't just any old slimes, they glow in the dark, and can't survive in the sunlight, and their Plorts are worth a fair bit, so naturally I sucked them up with my Vac-Pac... And admittedly spent 600 dollars on renovating the spare corral to fit them. They have wings, so I had to add a sky-net, to prevent them from flying off, and since they're light-sensitive, I had to have solar shielding added to the corral fields. Needless to say, I'm pleased with it, and they've already started making my money back.



And that's how the first five days went... Anyways, this was a good first work week... Now for some much needed sleep..

-Ranchmaster Beatrix, Aurora Ranch of Slimes

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I'm watching a guy on youtube by the name of Etalyx play this game. It does seem rather fun and relaxing and it's the one time you can xenobio without other idiots. Just you, a planet and a lot of cute but hungry slimes. Also hens. Cluck cluck

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Aurora Ranch - Weekly Report

Budget: $649

Slime Inventory:

Pink - 9

Phosphur - 3

Nutrition Inventory:

Hen-Hens - 7

Stony Hens - 2

Elder Hen - 1

Cuberry Fruits - 19

Pogofruit - 3

-Ranchmaster Beatrix, Aurora Ranch of Slimes

((If people are interested in this, I will continue.))

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I have found a gold plort somewhere. I shot it inside the pink slimes...it disappeared without making gold-pink largos...500 credit down the sink *sad*


Damn newbie Ranchers.. Gold slimes can't be captured, they just vanish if you try, if you shoot them with a piece of fruit though, they'll drop a nice plort. Other slimes aren't advanced enough to absorb the plort so it will just vanish, they merely to sell so the rich people can use them as jewelry.

~Ranchmaster Beatrix

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