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I had this idea once, which I never went through with, but as I joined this community's server and wrote the entry part in a book, ingame ofcourse, everyone seemed to think it was a good book. What they didn't know was that it was suppose to give you a brief look of the world you were going to join.... anyway without a further explaining - here is the story.

The planet Calderis is, or rather was, a production planet for the mankind. Before it's downfall it was very very rich and overflowing That's also on of the reason why Calderis fell down into a ruined state.

No-one didn't see it coming, the sudden attack of Sovereigns as Calderis was once providing them with resources and production and the Sovereigns already owned the Calderians. Maybe they weren't happy with the guilds popping out of nowhere and weakening their control over the planet.

Guilds is something that many people take a granted as they help us prosper. But almost no-one knows that the guild leaders are people that came within us, but those who knew this, they kept their mouth shut as the population would have been outraged if they found out. Calderians don't have that much fate in eachother.

The Sovereigns brought the Calderians here and left them. What they didn't count was that Calderians would build a settlement, and another, and another, so they came back, looking to seek out the Calderian leader. What they found wasn't a leader, but a book. This book was like the bible for Sovereigns. The people of Calderians followed it and worshiped it. What they also found out was that they, Sovereigns, were their gods or as close you can get to a god.

They abused it to the fullest by making the people of Calderis xenophobic of eachother what led to families breaking apart and enemies hiring mercs to kill eachother. This raised a huge issue in parts of Calderis that didn't follow this book and so they decided to weaken the Sovereign control by creating guild and claiming them to be Sovereign sent governors. Even though there were many guilds, each city had about two or three in them, they didn't have the military might to fight against the Sovereigns.

Guilds all united under the same banner to counteract this, trade focused guilds were in control of the logistics, where they made huge advancements. There was only one diplomatic guild and so they were trusted to rule all the other guilds and speak with the Sovereigns about truce. Then there were nobility guilds that built and army out of basically nothing. They managed to create an army in a week. And that is why they're in control of the army management. There is also the thief guild that is the only one not under control of the diplomatic guild and they're the only one that has an official name, Harpon.

Harpon is the smallest guild out of all, but they play the biggest role in the upcoming war as their guild consist of hackers, assassins, thieves etc. They quickly because notorious for stealing all of the money from one of the SkyYorks. It might have not been much, but it was still and achievement that no-one has ever been able to do. After that, the Sovereigns declared a full out war to Calderis, starting the first Calderian-Earth war.

Calderians didn't find it hard to defend their homeland and the Sovereign army was untrained, unorganized and mostly consisted of conscripts. It ended up in Calderian victory and Sovereigns had to release the planet of Mars from their control. Planet of Mars was the only reason why people had the technology to live on planet of Calderis.

As you can imagine, Sovereigns weren't happy and built a new and more disciplined army, now with war machines that no-one has ever seen. 20 years later, they secretly moved their ships to Calderis and started bombing every major city on Calderis, thus starting the second war of Calderian-Earth war, what they weren't counting on was that most of those cities had an experimental shield what deflected any normal bombs, the only ones that were able to penetrate the shield were the metal rods. Calderians mobilized a whole planet of conscripts as the Sovereigns broke their truce with them and the people were outraged because of it. This war didn't end that well for Sovereigns either and now they have depleted most of the Earth natural resources. And Mars wasn't willing to help them out either as Marsians were disappointed in Earthlings actions. Marsians called them out on breaking the 50 year truce.

So falls the old world of Earth as they are unable to grow or advance in technology. Mars is still prosperous and happy, they also have started mining a lot of asteroids inside the asteroid belt. Calderians aren't that happy though as they want to kill Sovereigns completely, but the people refuse to do so as the Earthlings are still gods to them and the damage they took from the bombings is still visible today as the most major cities are rebuilding eachother. Mars and Calderis are in a mutual agreement to never trade with the Sovereigns and to trade technology between themselves.

If enough people are interested then I'll make it a thing

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