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Tenenza's Character Status

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So I have like, all the characters that I don't play anymore, and although most people don't know or care about most of them, I though I'd straighten things out because people keep asking were X character went:

Sabrina Song: Went to college. Still works part time as an assistant editor for NanoTrasen PR. You can sometimes still see news from here.

Yusif Asher: Retired after Clove Asher left, is currently spending his remaining time trying to reconnect with his estranged family.

Alexis Shaw: Off being a diplomatic incident still, at least until the Vaurca stuff gets settled and NT/Sol are done deciding if she's a traitor to humanity or not.

A Window Of Past Reverence/A Window of Dire Reversal: Literally lost in time, or perhaps vaporized. This is what happens when you try to use zero-point energy to time travel.

The Apothesis of Chance: Completed their contract and continued on their hitchike through the galaxy.

Gordon Ellis: Never was canon in the first place.

A Dream Hidden Away: They're still on station, hiding.

Aira LI: Became a Nurse on Luna.

MCXXXVIIII: Dead. For good.

Nina Arouet: Also, Dead.

Tracing the Fallen Sky: Went to med school to become a psychologist.

Lobsang: Still around, I just don't play AI anymore due to massive amounts of lag.

Dime...: In rehab.

Muse: Dead, Dead and Dead.

Xiaoqing: My only current active character. If you're wondering why I don't play them anymore, you should readjust your television and then stick it on your head and call yourself an IPC.

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