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Unban Request

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BYOND Key: Ciprian26

Total Ban Length: PERM

Banning staff member's Key: Teneza

Reason of Ban: DuUfH5T.png

Reason for Appeal: I got a bit mad at admins. As being mad i don't fully understood the situation and made stupid decision to annoy them, saying that i am fully enjoying the round. Admin Teneza wanted to clarify but i refused to.

I fully understand that this is ONLY my fault, i will think double before writting in adminhelp, and only will ask question about game. There was only my fault and no other else.

P.S.I got some problems with self-control. Sometimes i lose it and i don't think about consequences.I try to handle(like school psychiatrist said) but there were been hard times for me past month and i just can't get in a normal mood more than 1h. But SS offered a great opportunity to think not only about bad things that happend, and play other life. :roll:

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