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Automatic Canonity / Human Space Guideline

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Since my tenure as Loremaster, I've shifted the focus of the lore away from hard science and what I viewed as information over-load. I've streamlined what I could without sacrificing content or aesthetic.


One of the changes is locations - space is so vast that there are all types of locales, planets, systems. . . Basically, almost anything reasonable can be a background.


If you think it's reasonable a place to livethen just have it in your background and it's automatically canon. If you think it's toeing the line ask for loredev opinions in Lore Questions. We eventually get complaints or comments about outlandish locations or backgrounds so there's no reason to have all factions canonized officially, especially if it's just for a single character or a handful of characters.


This is mostly centered for human space since it's the biggest and the majority of our characters with background or faction canonization requests are humans.


I'll try to give a quick synopsis of the median for reasonability for a faction that you want your character(s) to hail from,

Human space is divided into four rough sections. Sol, the Inner Colonies, Mid Colonies, Outer Colonies, and the Frontier. Players are free to name systems from actual galactic maps nearby our own star, but coming up with random systems is also totally fine. (No one actually cross-references this crap I mean who has the time.) Just remember, it's Alliance space if it's not the Frontier! (Unless you're Tau Ceti, which is a special snowflake and independent)



The Sol Alliance consists of all the territory from Sol to the outer colonies. That is why they are called "Colonies".


Sol is the capital, and the most populated system in human space. Earth is divided like the EU, and most countries have banded together in typical sci-fi fashion. People who live on the moon live in huge caves beneath the surface, Mars is a hotbed of divided nation-states - a very general picture is that characters from Sol would have a life of crowds, skyscrapers, and barely any non-humans except IPC's. This is the first place humans colonized, so it has a rich history of urbanization and squalor. It's difficult to make up planets here, so a background would be best focused on coming up with a creative town, city, or neighborhood!


The Inner Colonies are like the suburbia of Alliance space. The planets tend to be well developed, stable, and productive. The best way to describe this area is to think of it like a huge bazaar. Smugglers, traders, bankers - all of the "economist" or "rich" castes are stereotypically located here.


The Mid Colonies are like the small towns surrounding the major city and suburbia that is the center of Alliance space. There aren't a lot of bluespace gates here, so travel is harder.


Outer Colonies are the fringe of Alliance control. Often the only signs of the Alliance government even existing out here are a post office, tax collector, and rare Alliance cruiser that bluespace in whenever pirates start causing trouble - every other raid. With the economic troubles that frequently hit the Alliance, this sector is also the one most struggling financially. Want to be a grumbling Alliance citizen but whine about the useless government all the time? This is a perfect spot! Think of it like the rural farmland surrounding the total fringes of a cityscape, with the small towns and racist locals.


The Frontier is the juicy stuff. These are systems completely independent from the Sol Alliance. The political state of the Frontier is in constant flux, as the uncountable nations, large and small, wax and wane. Corporations run rampant out here without any oversight, squabbles break out, stations become small nations in themselves - this is our most creative location for humans! If it makes sense for the setting, you can come from almost any background. The only real limitation is that nations can't really be billions-strong powerhouses or anything. So go nuts, but on a small-medium scale.

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