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Brig Tweaks

Eliot Clef

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Suggestion #1: There's an area that used to be an autopsy room beneath the crime lab. Now it just has a table with some extra gear on it, and a machine frame that used to be an operating table. Expand the space two tiles into maintenance (so that library maintenance is uniformly two tiles wide), add an extra door into security proper, and put some evidence lockers with empty cardboard boxes in them in there. Maybe a filing cabinet as well, somewhere in the CSI lab. Shit gets messy.

Suggestion #2: Either in the current Evidence Locker or Prisoner Items, put a wardrobe with a small number of grey jumpsuits and a few standard headsets. Maybe put some standard headsets in the prisoner lockers and cell lockers. This is so, when somebody is pending demotion, Security doesn't have to march to the other end of the station to get basic radios or replace their uniforms.

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