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Nanotrasen's Scientific Breakthrough

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!!!Nanotrasen Announcement!!!


Scientific Breakthrough

Earlier today aboard the Nanotrasen Research Station, the NSS Aurora which is located in the Tau Ceti system, had a major scientific breakthrough. With the help of the crew aboard the station, the Genetics team was able to fully authorize and transplant a Human brain into a ProtoTajaran, the surgery in itself was a success with very few issues. Shortly after the surgery took place, Officer Markus Syion awoke in his new form. He was able to do all of the physical tasks that most creatures can do. The subject also retained all of his previous memories while in the ProtoTajaran's body. After intensive study once the crew of the NSS Aurora docked with their Central Command station, the NMSS Odin, Officer Markus Syion went through another surgery, successfully transplanting his brain into his previous body. In all, the surgery was a massive success.

The participants who were involved in the tests are said to be having a luxurious dinner in Mendell City with Nanotrasen Executives. Also, all personnel who were aboard the NSS Aurora at the time of the breakthrough are to have increases in their pay and recognition as assistants to the breakthrough.

Below, are the attached documents that were sent to the NMSS Odin alerting Nanotrasen of the results of the tests.


NSS Aurora Brain Transplant


Project: Albatross

Project Goal:

To achieve a viable lifeform after trans-species brain transplant

Personnel Involved:

-Jaqxuel Glorth'Tup (Geneticist) - Overseeing Biologist

-Phoebe Essel (Lab Assistant) - Surgical Assistant

-Markus Syion (Warden) - Test Subject

-Shinjlekh Ukhaan (Research Director) - Project Overseer/Administrator

-Valorallen Vitellia (Captain) - Project Executive Administrator

-Jim Calhoun (Head of Security) - Consenting Head of Staff

Project Overview:

Markus Syion had their brain removed and placed into a brainless tajaran female that was kept alive by the advanced operating table by Phoebe Essel. Afterwards, they were taken to cryogenics to ensure genetic and physical viability, and were also injected with an SE of their human form, to encourage organ acceptance by the body antibodies. Afterwards, they were prescribed painkillers and released after health scans. They are alive and well.

Project Result:

Subject deemed viable; trans-species brain transplants 100% possible

Signature: Unintelligble Scribble, V. Vitellia

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