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Cevalon City Gazette: BREAKING NEWS

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Cevalon City Gazette



Prime suspect in murder case found murdered.


The following article contains graphic language

In a case that shocked the city, following the vicious murder of charity hospital manager Caylais Jothun, the last remaining suspect in her death has been found after an anonymous tip to the local police department revealed a horrific scene.

The Unathi gangmember, now identified as Nit'har Tihan, was found, along with his partner and adult offspring, in a derelict warehouse on seventeenth street, in the far south district of the city. Early police reports indicate that the four Unathi were killed by an unknown party, which has been suggested to be either a rival gang, or a party acting on behalf of the murdered Mrs Jothun. Initial reports indicate that the four victims lived for some time during their ordeal, and that their bodies were left in such a way as to inflict shock and fear in those that found them, further details are available here.

The warehouse has been cordoned off, and the police have yet to issue a statement on the events, nor their relation to Mrs Jothun, or the rising level of crime within our city. Our reporters did interview some of the local residents, however.

A Miss Ni'shari G'hanis, (Tajara, 46) had this to say, "She is glad that he is dead, his gang of Unathi thugs have been making life miserrrable forrrr us folk for years; extorrrrtion, violence, rrrrobberrrry. Maybe this will make the gangs go quiet forrrr a bit."

A resident Unathi, who did not wish to be named, told us this, "Doctor Jothun treated my mate'sss brain cancer, when no other hosspital would do it, becausssse we couldn't afford the treatment, her charity hossspital helpssss ssso many people around here; it would be awful if it wasss ssshut down becaussse of thisss ssstupid lizard."

Mrs Jothun, along with her husband, ran an innovative charity hospital that recieved high acclaim from the IAC for it's efficiency and utility. It is supported entirely by private donations, many of which were facilitated by Mrs Jothun in various media campaigns, with her sudden demise, the future of Starlight Hospital is uncertain.

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