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The Decebal Conglomerate

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Type Faction

Founding/Settlement Date: 2362

Region of Space: Middle to Frontier colonies

Controlled by: The Decebal Conglomerate

Other Snapshot information:

- Frontier Nation

- Human

- Eastern European culture

- Dynasty based Matriarchy (Medium power, has to uphold citizen rights.)

- Rising relations with Nanotrasen

Long Description:


The Decebal Conglomerate


Official Titles(s): The Decebal Conglomerate (TDC)

Motto: ‘In Faith is the Salvation’

Capital: New Bucharest

Demonym: Decebalians

Official Language(s): Tradeband ((Maybe some sort of Native language))

System(s): New Wallachia, New Sofia, Victoria and New Tirana

Planets in respective systems

  • New Wallachia - Valah

  • New Sofia - Ardelean

  • Victoria - Viata

  • New Tirana - Albanez

Region: Middle to Frontier Colonies


Valah: 800 Million

Ardelean: 500 Million

Viata: 400 Million

Albanez: 300 Million

Drives on the: Right

Corporate and Faction Relations:

Due to Decebal’s location in the Galaxy they are in an excellent position to trade with the Inner Colonies and the Frontier Colonies. Because of their position, many of the Interstellar Corporations have taken an interest with them in hopes of establishing a safe link between the two areas of Human Space. Decebal is a fairly peaceful nation and allows many of the Corporations to use their space as they please. The only Corporation that they do not get along with too well is Haephestus Industries due to an incident that happened a while back. In the past decade or so, Nanotrasen has been getting a stronger influence in the Decebalian government. Many of the citizens are not sure how to feel about what is going on.

Military Strength: Advanced technology wised, professional standing army; Small sized fleet


Official Currency: Decebali Credit

Accepts Union of Sol Credit:[/b] Yes

Standard of Living: Low to High; Large difference between the Low and Middle class; High generally close to Middle class.


Ethnic Groups:

70% Slavic

25% Baltic

4% Other (Humans of other heritage)

1% Alien (Skrell)

Religion(s): Eastern Orthodox Christian, Religious Freedom


Type: Dynastic Matriarchy

Executive: Queen


  • Current Queen: Aurelia Vladimirescu

  • Leader of the Army: Kathryn Rudeanu

  • Leader of the Navy: Dragomir Lupul

  • Minister of Diplomatic Affairs: Eva Amiti

  • Minister of Finances: Krastan Voronoff



  • Upper House: Council of Advisers

  • 224 Advisers; 56 per planet; 28 territories per planet, 2 representatives per territory

Judicial: High Court of Valah

  • 9 Seats; Serve for life.



The Formation of the Conglomerate

The Decebal Conglomerate was formed during a phase of mass colonization of the Middle Colonies. it was not originally called the Decebal Conglomerate, it was called the Slavic Confederation mostly because the Slavic and Baltic nations took part in their colonization. Many systems were colonized with each of those systems claiming to be independent from the Sol Alliance. The 4 systems that created a link between the Middle and Frontier colonies formed together under one Matriarch of the planet Valah in the New Wallachia system. While the conglomerate gained more systems into their faction, they had around 24 at their peak. After the death of the first Matriarch, a massive and bloody civil war broke out with many micro-nations formed within the conglomerate. This was when the Decebal Conglomerate was formed as they were the faction that succeeded in bringing order to the Conglomerate. The Vladimirescu family was the leader of the Conglomerate and reestablished the Matriarchy, crowning Lenuta Vladimirescu as the first Matriarch of the Decebal Conglomerate. The reason that they were named the Decebal Conglomerate is that all of the planets had a common person in their history. His name was Decebal and he was the one who romanized the land of Dacia and the surrounding areas on Earth. It was then decided to show that they were united they would name their nation the Decebal Conglomerate.

Current Times

During the current times, Decebal has lost much of their previous power, they have a very pacifistic mindset due to the turmoil that they had during their younger years. Now they mostly focus on trade and allow many of the Interstellar Corporations to trade throughout their planets. Much of the time however, the Conglomerate is overlooked by those who are not experienced in the outer colonies. There is a growing gap in the economic separation of the Middle/High classes and the Lower class. These leads to a prejudice between the people. Most of the time things never escalate but there are certain cases. Besides the economic gap, the Conglomerate is a mostly stable government that does not have many issues internally. Externally though, they are frequently prey to the pirate groups in the area which has lost billions of credits due to the trade routes being pillaged.


I made this faction mainly because I felt that there really wasn't enough information on the frontier factions and I wanted to breathe some life into the frontier.

I want to note, that this is the first time that I have ever written something like this. I am willing to let this be changed in anyway if you bring it up here. Also, please point out anything that you find odd in this. Like I said, first time doing something like this. I also have yet to decide on a name for any of the members of the Government. This is just an outline, I would like to make this seem more real rather than something that you would read in a textbook. One final thing, their history is able to be changed completely. Just an idea that I thought up.

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I don't know. My IRL friend made the exact same absurd notion that you can somehow democratically elect a monarch. Maybe I'm just misinformed. But at any rate, while a matriarchy seems unlikely without extensive generational brainwashing, a democratic office with a historical preference for women is possible. It's as much a matriarchy as american presidential seat is patriarchal.

If you decide to take a route of actual monarchy, make a dynasty. One that's interesting. Maybe descendants of the original colonial leader. But all of this is mostly nitpicking.

My main concern is that its bland.

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If you decide to take a route of actual monarchy, make a dynasty. One that's interesting. Maybe descendants of the original colonial leader. But all of this is mostly nitpicking. My main concern is that its bland.

That dynasty thing is a good idea. I think I am going to have it changed to that. With the blandness thing, I was hoping someone would either be able to help with that or, I could rewrite it to be more of a story type thing and less pure facts. Not really sure how I would go about making it more interesting. Go more indepth about its history and not like you are reading it from a textbook?

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Actually, if someone would, please mark this as denied for now. I am planning on reworking the entire thing after having an idea about what I could do with it. I will hopefully get this thing sorted out and send it up for approval again.

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