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[Finished] Tau Ceti 2458 Election Campaigns

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Campaign Information

The Republic of Biesel has entered its 6th year of existence this month. The Constitution demands elections every 5 years, and this would be the 2nd of the nation's history, the 1st year having had a smaller, transitional government. This election is the first time the ruling party has to face the prospect of reelection.

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Tau Ceti Republicans | Social Democrats | Coalition of Minority Parties

Since the 1st elections of 2455, the Tau Ceti Republicans have retained a firm grasp on the reigns of power. Out of 380 seats, they hold 201, giving them a 52% majority and considerable influence. The President is Joseph Dorn, whom was sworn into office on 2455 as a Tau Ceti Republican. Out of all of the seats, 9 are Unathi, 18 are Skrell and 4 are Tajaran.

The Tau Ceti Republican Party's 5 years of rule have had a consistent manifesto:

  • Keep Tau Ceti independent.
  • Maintain the Free Trade Zone.
  • Allow Nanotrasen to keep its monopoly on plasma mining and refining.
  • Not taxing Nanotrasen's use of bluespace gates or drives.


Other realities under the Republican's rule have been:

  • Confidential lobbying for candidates; you don't know who finances politicians.
  • Nanotrasen eliminating and replacing nearly all small business on Tau Ceti, including all mass-transit.
  • A Nanotrasen-subsidized media, with news anchors usually being Nanotrasen employed journalists. The Mendell Bugle remains one of the last non-Nanotrasen native news outlet for most of Tau Ceti.
  • The Biesel military remains gutted and minimally funded, with most Tau Ceti areas relying on Nanotrasen's Emergency Response Team, with the government footing the expensive bill of ERT deployment.
  • A refusal to create minimum wages or immigration quotas for Tajaran or Vaurca, seeing the two races slowly replace humans in almost every industry.

The Republican mandate for 2458 - 2463 remains similar to their first election, but this time it has taken stances suspiciously similar to Nanotrasen's desires for the system...


  • The implementation and expansion of the Loyalty Pledge to all Unathi, not just those in command positions. Those that refuse would face monthly fines in addition to being barred from governmental positions and Command positions.
  • The creation of a free-movement treaty with Ahdomai, allowing Nanotrasen to hire hundreds of new laborers for an expansion of its mining operations in the Romanovich Cloud, including the construction of a new, state of the art facility on one of the larger asteroids.

Their presidential candidate is, of course, current Tau Ceti President Joseph Dorn. Born to an upper middle class family, he has previously worked for Nanotrasen as an internal affairs agent before entering a career in politics. The former mayor of Mendell City, he is keenly aware of the political and cultural pulse of the city he was born in.

The Social Democrats are the staunch rivals to the Republicans. While their party often condemns the unheard of influence Nanotrasen has in Tau Ceti, their party is divided in how to act on this mistrust. Almost all but the most radical Democrats realize that Nanotrasen can never truly go away. Some in their party also feel that splitting from the Sol Alliance was a mistake, and that the best way to ensure the success and safety of Tau Ceti would be to see the flag of Sol once more flying over Biesel...

Their pledges on the path of Tau Ceti if they win the 2458 election include:

  • Weakening the power of Nanotrasen, potentially breaking up its monopoly into several smaller companies in Tau Ceti.
  • The end of the Free Trade Zone, allowing other corporations to compete with Nanotrasen in the system.
  • A minimum wage for Tajaran and Vaurca citizens, making them just equally expensive as humans to hire and train, leveling the playing field.
  • Closer ties to the Sol Alliance.
  • Taxes on bluespace gate usage, bringing in a potential gold mine of new revenue for the government that Nanotrasen enjoys tax free.
  • Reform of election laws to be more transparent and open.
  • Consistent, firm control of synthetics.
  • Revitalization of the Tau Ceti navy, allowing the Republic to defend itself and no longer rely on Nanotrasen security.


Their presidential candidate for 2458 is Aamina Al-Harthi.The only child of a mining family from New Gibson, Aamina struggled for much of her early adulthood to pay for a university-level education until finally receiving a scholarship from a NGO funded by the Sol-Alliance based Worker's Party. A more left-leaning candidate than the current President she wishes to dethrone, she nevertheless faces popularity with the growing number of unemployed humans. . .

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