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22FEB2458 - Rin Fukuimoto

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Reporting Personnel: Vira Taryk

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security

Personnel Involved: Rin Fukuimoto

Time of Incident: 18:00 22-FEB-2458

Real time: 2000EST 22-FEB-16

Location of Incident: Cargo, Central Primary Hallways

Nature of Incident: [x]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: It was reported to me not too long ago that Rin had evidently been passed off a guest pass by the out-going Quartermaster, who had gone to cryo. Rin had claimed they were the "replacement Quartermaster", and that the head of personnel, Romeo Castiglioni, had supposedly approved of this and had allowed to happen.

Knowing that Rin still has their suspension going, I immediately moved to cargo and called them up to answer for them violating their suspension. I ordered them to step out of cargo and hand me the guest pass on their person. They refused to comply, so I counted down from five, and then entered cargo to arrest them for violating their injunction.

They ran, I drew my weapon, I aimed it at them and told them to stop. They ignored me and proceeded to mount the cargo tug, and immediately flee the scene on a ridiculously fast cargo tug, managing to outrun me. I called for security to hunt them down using rubber ammunition, and they were promptly arrested after a few minutes of yakety saxxing it around the halls.

Not only did they refuse to comply to my rather reasonable request to surrender their guest pass and otherwise leave with nothing more than a slap on the wrist and an incident report, but they willfully wasted security time and manpower and put innocent bystanders in danger.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: This was faxed initially as a situation report.

Additional notes: Attached transcript is below.



[00:00] Recording started.

[00:05] Vira Taryk says, "You're a liar."

[00:10] Ezra Malik asks, "Name, please?"

[00:11] Vira Taryk says, "You had that guest pass long before the HOP got onboard."

[00:22] Vira Taryk says, "Took out the keys."

[00:37] Vira Taryk says, "I took out the keys."

[00:44] Marc Price says, "Heh."

[00:48] Ezra Malik says, "Rin, please state your name and occupation for the tape."

[00:59] Vira Taryk says, "Come up yourself. She's been given first-aid."

[01:00] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Rin fukuimoto"

[01:02] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Assistent"

[01:11] Vira Taryk says, "In a second."

[01:16] Ezra Malik says, "Where did you obtain the guest pass all-"

[01:19] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Noice"

[01:22] Ezra Malik says, "Jesus fucking christ."

[01:30] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Seems like god himself wants me to go free"

[01:31] Vira Taryk asks, "Where'd you get the guest pass?"

[01:33] Ezra Malik says, "AI, fix the brig please."

[01:35] Rin Fukuimoto says, "QM gave it to me"

[01:43] Rin Fukuimoto says, "And said to man cargo after he was gone"

[01:53] Vira Taryk asks, "And you seriously thought that was a good idea?"

[02:01] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Hey, i was doing my job and assisting"

[02:10] Rin Fukuimoto says, "I AM GOING OUT OF MY WAY TO ASSIST PEOPLE"

[02:11] Vira Taryk asks, "Did you suddenly have a lapse of judgement, forgetting your suspension?"

[02:16] Vira Taryk says, "Oh, yes, you are a fucking saint."

[02:18] Rin Fukuimoto says, "No, becouse i was using a guest pass"

[02:27] Rin Fukuimoto says, "I was ASSISTING"

[02:34] Vira Taryk says, "No. You clearly don't understand here."

[02:41] Vira Taryk says, "You were suspended for a goddamn reason."

[02:51] Vira Taryk says, "You were to respect and abide by the conditions of the suspension. No ifs, ands, or butts."

[02:56] Rin Fukuimoto says, "And i've been waiting forever to NT to give me an interview"

[03:03] Vira Taryk says, "That means you be patient."

[03:07] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Do you think it's fun to be an useless assistent that is forbidden to ASSIST?"

[03:14] Vira Taryk says, "Not lead the entire fucking security force on a wasteful, destructive chase like an autistic child."

[03:18] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Why do i come to work if i am not allowed to work?"

[03:21] Vira Taryk says, "I even warned you and told you to stop."

[03:24] Vira Taryk says, "I warned you to come out."

[03:31] Vira Taryk says, "I told you I was going to arrest you if you didn't comply."

[03:47] Vira Taryk says, "You stated rather clearly over comms, "I am the QM's replacement.""

[03:54] Vira Taryk asks, "You remember that?"

[04:00] Rin Fukuimoto says, "I forgot to mention the TEMPORARY replacement"

[04:06] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Until a actual cargo member appears"

[04:10] Vira Taryk says, "Oh, you forgot. Because that makes this all better."

[04:20] Vira Taryk asks, "Did you also just, forget, to mention the issue to command staff?"

[04:33] Rin Fukuimoto says, "The HOP even asked me if i wanted a position in cargo"

[04:40] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Before i told him about the suspension"

[04:45] Rin Fukuimoto says, "And said i was using guest passes"

[04:48] Rin Fukuimoto says, "And he was fine with it"

[04:55] Vira Taryk asks, "That doesn't make it right, you know that?"

[04:58] Rin Fukuimoto says, "The QM was there and he would tell you the same thing if he wasen't SSD"

[05:29] Rin Fukuimoto says, "There is no one in cargo to enjoy it"

[05:40] Rin Fukuimoto says, "So.."

[05:44] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "What now?"

[05:47] Vira Taryk says, "Shitty excuses like, 'But it's a loophole so it's okay!' does not absolve you of blatantly going against your suspension."

[05:56] Vira Taryk says, "Now, you'll be brigged for trespassing and resisting arrest."

[06:11] Vira Taryk says, "I will fax a full status report of this idiocy to the DOs, and they'll find a way to deal with you correctly."

[06:15] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Alright"

[06:15] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Go ahead"

[06:27] Vahmrratulmro Junrrkahmir mrowls, "Is all?"

[06:28] Vira Taryk says, "I want her guest pass stowed and locked up in evidence."

[06:41] Rin Fukuimoto says, "It's on my PDA"

[06:42] Vira Taryk says, "Lock her up for resisting arrest and trespassing."

[08:03] Rin Fukuimoto says, "So"

[08:08] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "How long am i going to rot?"

[08:22] Ezra Malik says, "Hold on, we're adding charges like corrupt bastards."

[08:27] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Since the fun police brutally shot and tasered me"

[08:33] Rin Fukuimoto says, "While i was non violently resisting"

[09:16] Rin Fukuimoto says, "What are my charges then"

[09:23] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Wow"

[09:25] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "25?"

[09:27] Rin Fukuimoto says, "What are the charges"

[09:38] Ezra Malik says, "Trespassing, violation of injunction, and resisting arrest."

[09:46] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Fun"

[10:04] Rin Fukuimoto says, "You guys really don't have anything better to do"

[10:06] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Do ya?"

[10:15] Ezra Malik says, "Nope~"

[10:49] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Oi"

[10:50] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Why?"

[10:54] Ezra Malik says, "I'll grab you a new headset shortly."

[10:55] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Why can't i have my radio?"

[11:00] Rin Fukuimoto says, "The QM gave it to me"

[11:11] Ezra Malik says, "And the warden took it away."

[11:16] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Rude"

[11:50] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Why is booze illegal?"

[11:56] Ezra Malik says, "Ever heard of contraband jesus."

[12:01] Ezra Malik says, "Not the booze."

[12:03] Ezra Malik says, "The pills."

[12:03] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "How is booze contraband?"

[12:05] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Oh"

[12:22] Rin Fukuimoto says, "It's not a crime to be happy"

[12:25] Ezra Malik says, "You can keep your wine."

[12:27] Rin Fukuimoto says, "And booze ain'- thanks"

[12:42] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "How is a budget insulated gloves contraband?"

[12:53] Rin Fukuimoto says, "That you feel the need to remove it from my cell"

[13:00] Ezra Malik says, "I'm not qualified to appraise glove quality."

[13:12] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Those are the shittier cousin of the good ones"

[13:16] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Why take them?"

[13:21] Rin Fukuimoto says, "I took them from a public place"

[13:28] Rin Fukuimoto says, "The damn machine gives thoses out"

[13:50] Rin Fukuimoto says, "So"

[13:55] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "Headset and communal?"

[14:00] Ezra Malik says, "Yep."

[14:36] Ezra Malik says, "Enjoy."

[18:32] Alex Graves asks, "Mhm?"

[18:53] Alex Graves says, ""s Watching the Prisoner as Janitorchanges light."

[18:59] Alex Graves says, "Ehm"

[19:05] Alex Graves says, ".:s Watching prisoner as Janitor changes the light."

[20:17] Ezra Malik says, "Sorry for shooting you."

[23:13] Rin Fukuimoto says, "I am going to clean my cell"

[23:17] Rin Fukuimoto says, "And you won't be able to stop me"

[23:18] Ezra Malik says, "Have fun."

[23:33] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Oi"

[23:37] Ezra Malik says, "Finger slipped."

[23:37] Rin Fukuimoto asks, "What the hell?"

[23:41] Rin Fukuimoto says, "You fucker"

[23:47] Ezra Malik asks, "I fucker who?"

[23:50] Rin Fukuimoto says, "You"

[23:51] Rin Fukuimoto says, "Prick"

[28:55] Alex Graves says, "They left... Zir'u.."

[35:40] Recording stopped.

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TO: Vira Taryk, NSS Exodus

FROM: Silvia Romanescu, Central Command Internal Affairs, NMSS Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This message is to inform you that your incident report has been received, logged and placed within a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

You will be contacted, if necessary, by a CCIA Agent when and if an investigation begins.



SIGN: Silvia Romanescu

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TO: Vira Taryk, Head of Security, NSS Exodus

FROM: Silvia Romanescu, Central Command Internal Affairs, NMSS Odin

SUBJECT: Re: Incident Report



This message is to inform you that your Incident Report that has been filed is now closed due to the offending personnel, Rin Fukuimoto no longer being employed with the Nanotrasen Corporate Conglomerate.


DTG: 25-17:54-TAU CETI STANDARD-02-2458

SIGN: Silvia Romanescu

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