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Add "Mark as Read" function to "View Unread Posts" Page


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What the title says. I've been sitting on making this suggestion since we switched from old-forums waaaaay the heck back, since we didn't have anyone who was capable of coding it, and then I forgot about it until now due to my absence.

Old forums had the option to mark threads as read, either temporarily (until someone posted again in the thread), for a week, or permanently. In general, but especially with the influx of shitposting on the off topic boards (no offense to the shitposters, y'all keep doing your thing), I find that it's hard to keep track of new threads. The bookmarking function helps separate out threads I do want to follow, but as far as I know, there's no way to separate out threads I want to ignore. It's minor, but it'd be a nice addition, and give people the option to make the unread posts page be less of a mess without manually opening every thread.

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