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The feed starts in what looks like a bedroom. A dirty one. A real dirty one. Like, clothes fuckin' everywhere

Sean's sat on his chair wearing what looks like some kind of band T-shirt and blue denim jeans. He's eating some Cheesy Honkers.

"So uh, yeah. I guess it's about time I did one of these, alot of shit's happened in my time on the Aurora."

He tosses the empty Cheesy Honkers bag into the trash can next to his desk.

"So uh, First off, Some background info. My name's Sean Cromwell, I work on the NSS Aurora, and I was recently diagnosed with stage four Brain cancer. When I'm not working on the station, I'm either playing video games or uh... dealing with my cold.. yeah uh.. my cold... shit..

He brushes some uh... Crumpled kleenex tissues off his desk. Ew.

"So, ask away I guess."

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