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[WiP] The Singleton Consensus

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Type : Dionaea Super-political (?) Gestalt (?) Agreement (???) Religion (?) Political Group (??????)

Founding/Settlement Date : Early 2458

Region of Space: All of colonized space. Perhaps further. (?)

Controlled by (if not a faction): Unknown/Non-Applicable.

Other Snapshot information:

Known involved gestalts include:

The Epsilon Ursae Minor shell

The Reade Colossus

The DSS Ophion

The Venter's Satellite

among an unknown number of smaller gestalts

Long Description:

Public Information:

The Singleton Consensus is a spacer legend on the rise. A mysterious concept, alleged heard to be spoken of by the Dionaea in cryptic terms, with no further explanation provided. Pilots, traders, captains, spacers of all like have claimed to have heard the concept in passing, mentioned idly by Dionae they know. What is the Singleton Consensus? What do they mean when they say things like "The Consensus was reached, this transaction is no longer possible" , or "The Singleton Consensus prohibits that." The stories grow in number each day, spreading like wildfire. Is it some sort of plot, a conspiracy of the plantmen to invade? Perhaps some sort of religious ceremony? Maybe it's a sign of the end times, or the beginning of the Dionaea's long awaited exodus from our galaxy to the next. Those Dionae who speak of the Consensus say nothing more.

Dionaea only information:

It has been decades since the proper inception of the Dionaea into the culture and society of the other species of 'Known Colonized Space'. Decades of slow, meticulously insertion of the Dionaea into whatever niche of society they could reach. Decades of observation, study, and learning. Now, knowledge accumulation is beginning to fall beneath acceptable levels. Despite what outside observers might think, the Gestalts are not passive in the movements of life and the universe, merely very very patient. But projections of the future development of the various species that make up 'Known Colonized Space' has resulted in a somewhat undesirable situation; given time and a lack of change in the consensus of these societies, the Dionaea will continue to remain a relatively outside species, distrusted by many. This outcome would prevent further study and observation of the societies of these species, an unacceptable state for the Dionaea. As a result, in order to prevent this, a Consensus has been reached by the Dionaea Gestalts. The Singleton Consensus is an elaborate, decades long plan to subtly ingrain the Dionaea further into society. Slow, calculated movements of Dionaea workers. Manipulations of market trends. Subtle words to close associates and friends. Thousands of actions managed for the result of slowly shifting society to be more accepting of the Dionaea and providing them further rights.


OOC Info (Tenenza talking about lore seriously(shocker), trust me, it's very boring.):

Tajaran had a civil rights movement. IPCs had a civil rights movement. Skrell... Um, I guess they don't really need one since they're kinda almost top dog tech-wise. Unathi, well, they just stab shit and act angry which is half of a civil rights movement anyhow.

Dionae kinda just sit there, even when people are racist to them (Which happens a surprising amount of time, it's just dionae can take a beating better then most).

So I thought, hey, let's have a Dionaea civil rights movement.

Then I was like, Tenenza, you are an idiot, plants don't have civil rights movements.

And they don't.

Dionaea aren't the type to argue, cause a riot, hold up signs, and whatnot.

They're intelligent, gestalt entities with all the time in the world at their hands.

They can put up with being treated like shit most of the time, both physically and verbally.

But at some point, in all their intelligence, they're going to realize that their limited acceptance and general public distrust is a severe long term limiter on their ability to learn.

And a Dionae's curiosity is boundless.

So here you have the Singleton Consensus.

The slow, methodical, spread of Dionae into the societies of other species.

It's not rash. It's slow, decades slow, slow enough to evade widespread notice.

It's not loud or anger. They don't need that. It isn't really in their mindset.

But it gets there. Step by step.

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