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Risk of Rain


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More like Risk of Ragequit. This game is fucking ungodly levels of hard.

For those of you that haven't heard of it, Risk of Rain is one of those "rogue-types"- a game that takes many elements of roguelikes, but also blends it in to something a little more streamlined. It's a sidescrolling platformer shoot 'em up with minor RP elements and heavy randomization. No two levels are the same. Your character can gain new abilities or have his existing ones augmented by picking up various passive artifacts or active "usables". These range from a crappy jump-boost jet to a device that spawns remotely detonated dynamite whenever you shoot an enemy. You will need these upgrades to survive.

You tend to get these devices with money.

You get money from enemies.

The longer you play a level, the more money you rack up.

However, more and more monsters spawn the longer you play. They're also tougher. And to advance to the next level (after a boss fight, mind you) you have to hunt down all living monsters and kill them. Oh, and you lose all your money when you move to a new level. It's entrapment. IT'S GODDAMN ENTRAPMENT.

Oh, and if you die, you get a snide remark implying that you suck shit and need to lower the difficulty. You also get sent back to level one. It's so goddamn infuriating.

But for some reason I keep coming back. Discuss.

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