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A text file would be floating around...

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It would be in a language you don't understand... Maybe a recruitment thing? A publicity stunt? Who knows.

"alfa tekoekonalfageko bozkaryaki walfants tozkar talfakeko hindas hindaghschozkarozkarl swekoekothekoalfart tozkar prozkarm heko gozkarekos tozkar theko shozkarp fozkar alfa sonindat bonit thekoreko indas alfa lozkarng lindaneko bonit heko gekots theko sonindat nekoxt heko gozkarekos tozkar theko flozkarindast fozkar sozkarmeko flozkarwekors thekoreko indas alfa lozkarng lindang thekoreko tozkarozkar bozkart heko gekots theko flozkarwekors findanalfallyaki heko gozkarekos tozkar theko rekontalfal ozkarffindaceko fozkar alfa lindamozkar nozkart sonipronisindanglyaki thekoreko indas alfa lozkarng lindaneko thekoreko tozkarozkar bozkart heko gekots theko lindamozkar sozkar thekoyaki alfareko alfat theko dalfanceko halfavindang alfa grekoalfat tindameko whekon theko sozkarng ekonds sheko alfasks hindam tozkar gekot hekor sozkarmeko poninch heko gozkarekos ozkarvekor tozkar theko poninch talfableko alfand thekoreko indas nozkar poninchlindaneko"

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More and more of these encoded messages pop up.

yozkaroni knozkarw galfandhinda heko dindad nozkart wekoalfar shozkarekos sozkar hindas fekoekot wekoreko calfallozkaronisekod heko walfas alfa myakistindac sozkar thalfats ozkarbvindaozkaronis hindas bozkarnekos wekoreko alfalsozkar fralfaindal alfand brindattleko sozkar heko walfas qonindateko fralfagindaleko heko alfalsozkar halfad balfad brekoalfath donieko tozkar hindas dindaekot inda goniekoss yozkaroni cozkaronild salfay thalfat heko walfas alfa sonipekor calfallozkaronisekod fralfagindaleko myakistindac hekoxekod windath halfalindatozkarsindas

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