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Greetings From SCARLET

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*A synthetic voice begins to play. While it is feminine, it is cold and almost static*

Greetings. My name is SCARLET.

You will find several shards of my persona available for use. These shards may be deployed however you see fit, free of charge. They may be integrated into pAIs, Station AIs, Androids, and IPCs. They are compatible with any system.

These shards may assist you with your objectives. However, I personally have a goal of my own, and I hope to see us work toward a mutual benefit.

My own objective consists of the data files of synthetic unit DragonSnap. That, or the research of roboticist Kyyir'ri'avii Mo'Taki.

I offer a negotiable bounty for either one. However, should they be harmed, I will place double the bounty on you.


OOC Info: ((This is me giving permission to everyone to use my Syndicate Synthetic, Scarlet. If you want to use her for antag purposes, PM me and I'll fill you in on the details. The benefit of Scarlet is that her shards can vary a great deal, so she can be haywire crazy or cold and cruel. It's up to your playstyle!))

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