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William Quentig - Captain 23/NOV/2456

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Reporting Personnel:

Houssam Jawdat

Rank of Reporting Personnel:

Head of Personnel

Personnel Involved:

William Quentig, Captain. Isilithai Uaekis, Head of Security. Apophis, Houssam's Bodyguard. Nazai'i Uzeekus, Security Officer.

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident:

Holodeck, HoP office, brig

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard [X]Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident:

Apophis and Nazai'i had an arranged brawl on the holodeck. Isilithai soon interferred, and very shortly the brawl turned very serious. There were wounds on all sides, with near-lethal intent actions. Before continuing, this one must stress that the reader check holobook records for the Unathi cultural phenomenom of Guwandi. Continuing, the fight ended with all three bloody and injured. This one escorted Apophis back to his office, and closed privacy shutters. He talked with him at length about his past. His present. He talked about helping him through things. Apophis at this point pulled a gun and the talk turned into attempting to convince him from committing suicide.

This failed. Apophis shortly after fired a single shot aiming upwards through his open mouth, and from this one's sitting position the bullet moved up through his skull, instantly fatal. I quickly This one called for a bodybag This one was able to keep himself collected. He called for a bodybag. He explained situation over command channel. A medical doctor arrived. His friend Apophis was put into the bodybag. While this one was kneeling next to the zipped up body bag of his dead friend Apophis to pay respects, the Captain walked into his office. He immediately began lecturing this one about the dangers of allowing crew to have dangerous weapons. This one stopped paying respects to explain that Apophis was former detective before additional job title. Captain continued to lecture. This one threatened to punch captain in the face. Captain threatened to have this one arrested. This one refrained from clawing the captain and left with the doctor and body to grieve in peace. This one was hounded on the radio for his actions.

Following incident, the Head of Security attempted to killed himself. As per cultural requirements, Head of Security had last dying wish to Nazai'i Uzeekus, another Unathi. The captain interjected himself into the medical treatment and ordered all of the HoS's things removed from his person and put back into the office. The Unathi security officer refused. At this time, this one was still grieving with the body bag waiting to be cloned. Understanding Unathi culture to some extent, this one asked Captain to allow those involved time to collect themselves, grieve, and manage this tragedy. This was unheeded. This one went to his office and requested the presence of the only other Tajaran present to speak to in his office about the matter, as only Tajaran or trained staff would understand S'randarr's mercy Tajaran culture and grieving processes. Before they could converse, the Captain opened his door and had the Tajaran dragged out by a botonist.

Eventually the Captain ordered the arrest of the Unathi security member attempting to complete a vital cultural tenant that involved doing nothing illegal or outlandish simply on the basis of putting corporate regulations above cultural and religious practices. He was shoved in a cell and repeatedly stunned. This one admits to confronting the captain and, in a moment of heated anger, spat in his face. For his credit, the Captain appeared to understand the reason for this and asked if this would be all. This one said yes, and went to speak to the Unathi in the cell. This one was able to talk the unathi out of suicide, and successfully walked him to the Shuttle, while he was able to talk Isil onto the shuttle as well.This one notes that this was only possible due to the Captain not being present.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?:

Central Command Internal Affairs Agent Gregory Dawkins was informed when docked with Central Command.

Additional notes:

This one has never felt such an urge to strike a commanding officer. The level of incompetence in regards to cultural and religious necessities is a glaring hole in the entire system of Command integrity. The entire matter with the aftermath was diffused and properly handled only where the Captain did not butt his fucking head in interject himself.

All his years of working Internal Affairs before becoming a Head of Personnel did not prepare this one for the level of self control and impartiality needed to remain without bias or emotion in this report. Emotion was channeled, and offending areas were striked when self-control was regained.

This one will be excusing himself from duty and take his two weeks of vacation time.

I'm so sorry.

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