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Tales of the Wasteland

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Another "Post your Characters" thread. This time we're talking Fallout.

Jason Boyd was like any other mug from Mojave that wasn't a raider or Freeside mug. That is to say, his life sucked, but then again, so did people's from those places. He was born in Searchlight back before it was known as Camp Searchlight by the NCR and Legion. A group of people held up and lived there since it was easier to live in pre-built houses than to stake a claim and make your own like they did in other places, and it really helped that Searchlight was more or less untouched in the Great War. Their own firehouse and police station for weapons and medicine, and plenty of housing, not to mention the nearly by sea front for food, the airport of scavenging metal for repairs and making new supplies, and the location near an intersection for trade. His father was part of the town's guard, and his mother was an rotational scavenger sent off whenever someone else was too sick or hurt to go. Things started to change when the Legion posted up in Cottonwood Cove. Everyone took a problem with who they were and what they did, but they knew going against them was suicide. But some more... Radical folk took it upon themselves to fuck with them. People would go down the road a ways and take pot shots at Legionaries and run away when they started look, thought they were clever enough to get away with it. One of those people was Jason's father, and he'd often take the young Jason on these little Legion shooting trips. But eventually the Legion said enough was enough, and went against the town. When the Legion started to move on them, everyone piled into the churches and hid in the basements. To save on bullets and stamina, they just set fire them and left. By the time anyone noticed what was happening, it was too late, and debris was all over. They could only fit small children out. One such kid was Jason. Recently orphaned, he was taken in by a ghoul from town, who was in the other church, the luckier group who noticed sooner and managed to get out more people. Without a place to call home they left and went to the wasteland, bumming around for a while until they turned up in Novac. When they came down the road, Manny popped the ghoul thinking he was a feral from the REPCONN facility. Orphaned a second time, he just lived in Novac for a while . When he was older enough he took up patrolling the town's boarder at night with Boone. Living there after what Manny did left a bad taste in his mouth, so as soon as he had the caps, he bought a rifle from Chet, and left with one of the caravans passing thought town as a hired hand to guard things. With what happened in his youth, and living with people like Ranger Andy and Boone for so long, he became a firm supporter of the NCR, and joined up when he had a decent bank in his pocket and found a recruiting office that'd take him.

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