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Tau Ceti Advanced Law Enforcement Training

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Type: Training Program

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 05/04/2450.

Region of Space: Tau Ceti.

Controlled by (if not a faction): Biesel Federal Police.

Other Snapshot information:

  • Specialized training program for law enforcement officers working within Tau Ceti.
  • Range of subjects, from Basic Criminology and Advanced Forensics, to Force Protection and High-Risk Warrant Arrests.
  • Students come from Biesel Federal Police and NanoTrasen ISD.
  • Typical course length is 400 hours, classes are selected by students, and it may be completed at any time.


Long Description: The TCALET program was created in 2450 by a cadre of ranking Biesel Federal Police officers and members of NanoTrasen ERT Section Groundhog, as a way of offering local law enforcement an opportunity at broadening their skill sets from their base level of training. The material ranges subjects such as advanced weapons and combat training, basic criminal profiling, advanced forensics, crisis intervention training, anti-terrorism training, sexual assault investigation, and many other subjects. Instructors come from a variety of law enforcement-related backgrounds, including many prolific investigators and researchers active in their respective fields.

Really, this is nothing more than bragging rights, but I encourage those who read this application to broaden their horizons when it comes to law enforcement matters.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

What would you like the lore team to do with this suggestion? Do you want this on the wiki with a mark that it marks someone as a specialist? You can already add things like this to your character background and create it as a player organization with people getting involved without needing a lore canonization application; these are for things that should be added to the wiki, or otherwise given a major play in things.

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  • 3 months later...

Ehh. We have a little system where you can submit universities and accredited institutions now.

Locking and denying but you can add whatever whenever to the respective thread.

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