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Amnesty Lund: A Eulogy by a Friend

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The feed opens up to reveal Jim Calhoun, clad in a woodland camouflage uniform and a green plate carrier, all outfitted with pouches and such. Behind him, a blood orange sky over a green, verdant jungle landscape signifies the end of the day. A chorus of animals and insects chirping further highlights the wildness of the local. Sweat is evident on Calhoun's face, his face bearing a mask of sorrow. He clears his throat after waiting a few seconds, and speaks up.


"Amnesty Lund...what can you say about her? If you haven't heard, CCIA Agent Amnesty Lund was killed in the line of duty. More often than not we were at odds on how to improve the ISD, and we looked at things from differing perspectives. It takes a real man to appreciate his opponent, and I will always have the utmost respect for her. She was intelligent, well-spoken, stunningly attractive, but above all, she was a reliable company woman.

As an Internal Affairs Agent aboard the Aurora, she worked tirelessly to fight wrongdoing on behalf of the crew. Like myself, she saw fundamental issues with the Security Department, and while our methods and perspectives often brought us into conflict, her heart and soul were in the right place. It was her drive, tact, and intelligence that propelled her to the heights of Central Command.

I've lost many a friend over the past 20 years, and each consecutive friend that dies is but another knife-blow into my heart. It never gets easier; you can only mitigate the sorrow. Losing a friend like Amnesty Lund...while I have lost a friend, NanoTrasen has lost one of its most dedicated champions.

Amnesty Lund...you will be sorely missed, and it will take NanoTrasen a long while to find another employee with your dedication and skill."

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