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Tajaran Broadcasting Network Public Recruitment!

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Hello Tajarans of NanoTrasen. This is Rayiys Alhimar, a Network Representative for the TBN. He is here to give you an exciting offer. The Tajaran Broadcasting Network is offering all of you a chance to work with the Network, creating fresh, new entertainment to be seen around the worlds! We are looking for News Reporters, Drama Actors, and Documentaries at the moment to bolster our forces and give you opportunities you might not have had before. Below you can follow links on this page to learn more about the positions you can be given.

Info on News Reporters.

This is a position that will be different from others. Theres will be one 'main' News Reporter, who actually reports the news, the rest will be information gatherers, writers, and other such positions at internal digression. The main News Reporter will be chosen by our staff of executives overlooking the processing of new talent.


Info on Drama Actors.

Exactly what you would think. You would be an actor, working together to create your own TV shows. Unless some of you are looking for, or are told, to be in specific roles, you can your own TV shows to start being produced. In fact, to be accepted, you must do that, pitch an interesting show idea. You do not need to actually create the show however, it will just be used as a judgement of your ability.


Info on Documentaries.

You will be tasked with creating documentaries about old and new history of the Republic. If you are interested in a spot working in this department, you will need to write a short essay, at least two paragraphs, about the recent history of Adhomai. More specifically, the Civil War. You are free to work alone or together to gather information and create something to inform the watchers and readers about the event you chose.


If you have all the formation you need, click here to go to application fill out. Once you're done, you will be sent an email with an invitation the TBN building to be interviewed.

Current Citizenship Status:
Current Position(s) of Employment:


DISCLAIMER: All Content Created by Peoples in this Program may be Subjected to People's Republic Holovision Rating Laws, and may thus be edited Without the Creator's Permission.

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