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Tales of Gri'mor

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Gri'mor is a small island nation, south east of the continent of Pramordia. There are two sprawling empires that encompass Pramordia, each one of the at least twice the size of Gri'mor alone, but despite it's small size, Gri'mor has natural resources found no where else, and craftsman to work with them better than any on Pramordia. Given this, the rulers of the island nation charge high tariffs for their trade. The natural, magical gems exporter to Pramordia would cost barely anything when sold in Gri'mor, but in Pramordia they will sell for hundreds of leads of silver. The Kingdoms of Doggar and Fallswood have agreed to stand together too this goal, but there lies a challenge in defeating the four times smaller island. Passing an ocean itself to get these will be round, but even worse is that intel will be sparse. Never, in thousands of years, has someone from Pramordia set foot on Gri'mor and returned, but what they do know is that Gri'mor houses the strongest, most powerful mages to even be. The United Kingdoms have banded together, and started to conscript nearly every capable man and woman to fight this war, and they will need every last soul. Can you help turn the tides of war?

[Yeah! Im gonna try to do a kinda, sorta DnD type thing that I made myself. If you're interested, say so below. You'll, obviously be a conscripted man/woman/it. Also post any questions.]

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Ive been working on this for a while, actually, since Tenz trapped me into nerdom. It has lore that I feel and hope is unique, same with playable, and non-playable species. On the snowflake meter, Id give it a... 5? On the owl meter Id give it Hoot out of Hoot Hoot.

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