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So about Dionaea.

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I've been reading the Aurora lore on Dionaea a lot recently in preparation for my whitelist app and there are some questions that I have. Perhaps the person in charge of Dionaea lore can answer?

1. How does Dionaea age work? They go seed to nymph and nymph to adult. How long does it take for a nymph to become an "adult"? Technically, it can be done in one in-game shift. However, in lore I assume it would take more time than just that. So how long from seed to adult, basically.

2. Dionaea, unlike any other species, start learning minutes after they're "born." They collect bits of understanding from the blood they use in order to become an adult. So, if we follow that line of logic, a Diona that is 10 years old knows a lot more than a Human 10 year old does, simply because the Diona has been learning things longer. So what is the age comparison between Dionaea and other species? Would a 30 year old Diona (one that has been learning extensively for all 30 years) be comparable to a 45 year old Human? Or what?

3. Are Dionaea adults made of many nymphs? Do many nymphs merge together into one adult that uses the pronoun "we?" Or are they, as a species, just a collection of cells (even the nymphs)?

Thanks ahead of time. These were just some things I was curious about since I'm struggling with a backstory for my app.

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Eh, these aren't necessarily canon-backed answers, but they're what I use, and my whitelist isn't gone yet, so:

1: So, an adult is a gestalt Diona, which means it's technically several of what might be recognized as individual diona. A nymph is theoretically just another one of the more basic forms of the diona, with all the other viney leafy stuffs to be other forms of nymph-level diona. Diona don't necessarily learn very fast, mostly because they're rather indepth thinkers. So, as a compenstation, they network into gestalts. So a Diona's age is a bit iffy. Either you could measure it as the total sum of the age of their parts (Which is huge), or as the eldest networked part (Which is probably the number on your records.)

2: Yeah, again, Diona can grasp knowledge fairly fast, but they're deep thinkers, and it takes them a great deal of time to internalize and network their knowledge. A human-sized Diona gestalt can be assumed to be about as skilled averagely as a human of the same age, but I'm just basing that on how the skill system works. Larger Diona gestalts can be assumed to have much greater pools of knowledge.

3: Adults are made of more basic forms of Diona. Nymphs are a more basic form of Diona. It can be assumed there are other more basic forms of Diona, since having the Diona are visibly more viney and leafy then the relatively compact Nymphs.

But, these aren't back by any wiki-canon, so if the lore team reagrees, assume they're right and I'm wrong.

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