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Brig Design

Eliot Clef

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Alright, so I've been discussing this with people in OOC Chat on and off, as well as in ghost chat when I'm simply not available to do rounds too actively but can sit and talk.

Based on my admittedly limited observations, the permabrig area of the station is pretty insanely easy to render in-viable for habitation or usage. I've had prisoners use pens and assorted objects lying around to break the windows and vent that area of the station, forcing security to come in and handle them at significant risk.

It's certainly possible to simply let the prisoners who do such a thing pass out/die and take it from there. But I guess the point I'm getting at is that the permabrig is quite possibly the least safe place to imprison people who did something bad enough to get permabrigged in the first place. I understand that the design is intended to allow the possibility for escape, but it seems to me like it's a little too easy.

A few suggestions come to mind:

#1: Make the windows plasma-reinforced glass so that it can't be broken without some serious force behind it. Remove any objects from the brig that could be used to break them. Alternatively, give them shutters or simply make them reinforced walls instead.

#2: Place a wall flasher that can be triggered from outside the permabrig in the bedroom, bathroom/shower, and at least one in the recreation area.

It also might be a good idea to set the permabrig up with SOMETHING that prisoners can do so it isn't effectively the end of their round when they're put in there. There's some hydro trays and stuff but unless there's somebody else in there, you're basically looking at not getting interacted with for pretty long stretches of time.

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I still think we should allow disposals to be filtered through permabrig. Let prisoners sort disposals through the use of mass drivers and buttons, so they can fire stuff to a disposal outlet that would be placed in the wardens office, or just fire everything off into space/to cargo. Glass would prevent them from taking stuff.

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They should really have that one vending machine from botany that gives them access to fertilizer and pest spray. Without it, their little private farm becomes sort of unusable.

As someone with a Diona Detective, the idea of giving them Plant Spray is horrifying and also amusing.

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