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Complaints Wanted - Mike Axel

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Alright, well, I guess I'll try this out, since it's late at night and I have nothing better to do. As I am not on my main computer, with BYOND and such, I can't really get the flavor text and all of that fancy shmancy stuff atm, but I believe this big-ass biography from my Custom Item app will have to do for now. Please read carefully and give meh all dem complaintz.

Michael Axel was born and raised on Lowell, Biesel, in the Tau Ceti system to the CFO of Biesel Robotics Inc. and a mother, who worked at home as an Artist. Due to his father's often required buisness trips, sometimes out of the System, he spent most of his childhood at home with his mother. He did not attend public or private school, instead he was enrolled in a Career Specific Educational Institution. Most of the courses were online, and they started from the first grade. As a young boy, his mother and father decided together that they wished for Michael to excel in the Field of Engineering. And so his schooling was, while at home, still very strict and extremely specific to Engineering. At seven years of age he was already being taught Advanced Algebra and by the time he was ten he was being taught Pre-Calculus and Statistics. Along with math, he was required to go to classes at a local facility (starting at the age of 14), where he was given hands-on training in the field. After Michael graduated from the Institution, he applied at LC University on Biesel, his home planet, and was shortly thereafter accepted with a full-scholarship due to his outstanding academic abilities. But only shortly after enrolling, he had learned of his mother's illness back in his home city of Lowell. To accommodate for his loss, the school offered him six months of coping time, where his classes would be halted, but still being required to study and submitting essays over the internet. He took the opportunity without hesitation and for three months lived with his mother at a Hospital in Lowell. Then, on an early Monday morning, she passed away due to a pacemaker malfunction- when asked if he wished for her to be cloned, he turned down the request. She was at peace now, and he wished for it to stay that way. For the next three months, Michael spent his time going through cycles of being depressed and learning new things about himself. After his coping time ended, he returned to school with a new attitude on life and continued his education without any further interruption.

Michael graduated LC University a well-educated man, and being the son to a CFO of a major Robotics company, he was opened to a world of employment opportunities. The first of which and nearly his choice was Nanotrasen, who offered him a chance to be on their Executive Research and Development Board- which would have qualified him for a position of Research Director among their many Science Stations. However, after getting a proposal from RBI and having a sit down with his father, he decided to turn the offer down and go to work for BRI. He knew the troubles that his father had told of for years on how complicated executive work was and how annoying it became, and he did not want to follow those footsteps, at least not for his first employment with his new degrees. He wanted to make a name for himself, see the field first-hand, get into it and be sure he was ready to continue and excel in it, before he decided to push himself any further. After a month or two of training required by RBI, he went to work as a Mechatronic Engineer, building Mech Suits which were then sold to a wide variety of Private Industries. He became to climb through the ranks after obtaining two more Graduate Degrees from LC University, one in Marketing and another in Finances. Around six years after he first started working for the company, Michael was promoted to a Division Head. This position put him in charge of a part of a Mech facility, under direct supervision of one of the twenty different Heads of the Department of Mechatronics.

After four more years of working as a Division Head, Michael was promoted again for great work ethic, this time, after his supervising Department Head retired. At the age of 34 he had already met his goal in life, to make it big in the industry he had been taught since he was wearing diapers. Some people may have despised their parents for forcing such an education on them, Michael, saw it another way. He took what he was offered by the horns, and through what he was given, he made a man of himself and branded his name onto the planet of Biesel.

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