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The Comfy Dungeon

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((Inspired by The Rusty Brass.))

Jack Sylvan hurried down the corridor of the CMV Stratus. The crowd was thin, but it was still early. He wanted to be ready when the people really began to fill the station.

He was not a particularly tall man, just a few inches shy of six feet. He sported a black goatee and his matching black hair glistened with the product used to hold it slicked back and out of his eyes. It stopped right at the collar on the back of white dress shirt. Over that, he wore a black vest. His black slacks still held the crease in the legs and hid the fact he wore white socks with black dress shoes.

Finally reaching his destination, he produces a keycard from the left breast pocket of his vest. Waving it in front of the scanner unlocks the door before him, a glass portal typical of a storefront on the station.

He quickly steps inside and takes a deep breath, savoring the moment.

"I'm home." He thinks to himself with a smile.

A large room sits dark before him and he gets to work taking chairs off of tables, getting lights on, and, of course, some drinking glasses prepped in a decorative formation. When ready, the room is a sea of maroon, from the chairs lining the long, wooden dining tables in the main section of the room, to the bar stools lining the bar at the back. The lighting gave off a yellowish hue, a feature Jack said reminded him of early 20th century bars on Earth. The dining area was comfortably lit, while a shadow seemed to hang over the bar. What little light the lamps over the counter provided was muted a great deal by dark mahogany wood that made up the counter's surface.

Once everything felt ready, Jack flipped a switch on the wall by the door, and took his place beind the bar. Outside, a classically-designed neon sign lit up, announcing to all that The Comfy Dungeon, the most-visited shop on the station, and the best bar around for at least a couple light-years was open for business.

Jack turned on a wall-mounted radio and kept the volume low. Then, he retrieved his PDA from the lower right pocket on his vest. A few buttons taps and he sent a text message to a close friend that read simply, "Ready when you are."

Seconds later, and the music fades out on the radio replaced by a male voice, "Okay, Folks. Those of us lucky enough to be onboard already know what time it is. Those of you not currently on The Stratus, or unlucky enough to have never met him, should know our resident barkeeper has returned from his glorious adventures working his magic for Nanotrasen employees all across this sector. Tau Ceti, if you want a place to drink or eat in the company of some of the best people this side of Alpha Centauri, just navigate your way to the CMV Stratus. Once you arrive, you can skip all the specialty stores, the drug-pushers, and all those workin' gals, and make a dash for The Comfy Dungeon. Welcome back, Jack. It is a pleasure to have you back in business and I am sure we all look forward to enjoying some of your fine beverages."

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