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Endeavor: Toxic Transactions (OOC Only)


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Toxic Transactions

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.” ― J.K. Rowling


The Year is 2138 and the era of Human Expansion is in full swing. Faster than Light travel has been discovered, and is continuously being revised, and made more efficient, throwing the fertilization of mankind over the stars. Earth, with rising pollution-levels, social disorder, and over-crowding, is becoming an extreme inconvenience to its residents, and it is time that alternative habitats are arranged. Most recently, a mega-corporation by the name of Sol-Enterprises Inc. has begun work on a project dubbed 'Endeavor'. First formulated in the early twenty first century, as astronomers began looking at Mars as a possible future home for Earthlings, Endeavor has been re-initiated, with ever-growing excitement. Now, Sol-Enterprises, owned in collaboration by a multitude of Earth-based space organizations, has set its sights on a new project, approximately twelve light years from home, in the Tau Ceti System.


Sol Enterprises Inc. was founded at the dawn of the Second Space Age, in the year 2067. Originally starting as a private space tourism corporation, based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. Sol Enterprises soon began to expand its company as new-footholds in the science community gave it opportunities to begin coop-work with government-organizations. With the funds from these organizations, SE started up a Research and Development Division, and soon with the help of a large band of other organizations, theories once though ridiculous and impossible, were broken one by one.


S.E. Inc. has launched a new mission: Operation Endeavor. The goal-- reaching Tau Ceti, a solar system with recently discovered hospitable planets. The planet in question has been nicknamed Biesel, in honor of the mission director, Commander Frankfurt Joseph Biesel. The planet is known to be slightly toxic to humans, with an atmospheric make-up of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, xenon, ammonia, methane, and hydrogen sulfide- so the Operation will be unavailable to unqualified personnel.


The SEICS Endeavor was launched in 2132, and expected to arrive in early 2138 - Earth time. The starting date for this plot will begin as the Endeavor approaches its final destination.


OOC Information

Now that you have been briefed on a general overview of the RP at hand, I'd like to take a paragraph or two discussing the level of Roleplaying I expect. First off, no one-liner posts, these are annoying, and get spammy extremely quick. Being from a Heavy RP Server, I don't think we'll have a problem with this. All this means is that I expect some detail in every post, it doesn't have to be a five page article, just give people detail to work with, describe your character's emotions, physical attributes, et cetera, just try not to leave any detail out that could have been included.

Secondly, this roleplay will be Character-based, I will allow an unlimited amount of characters per person, and if said person wants to drop said character after a while, they will become an NPC. No, this is not based on trufax from the SS13 wikis. This is my own take on the development of Tau Ceti and the creation of Biesel, with a slight twist (shh, its a sekret).

Alright, now, let's dive in. You are a member of the Expedition Crew onboard the SEICS Endeavor, which is now in an LO around Biesel. You have been hired by Sol-Enterprises Inc. for your multitude of skills in EVA, as well as Engineering, Research, or Security. All expedition crew have basic knowledge of space flight and travel, as well as Standard Operating Procedures on board a vessel such as the Endeavor (Military-style SoP applied to Civilian crew and Command, ask for details). The objective of this mission? Secure a colony-site on the planet, Research the planet, Terra-form the planet, and send regular reports back the Chain of Command. Simple enough, right?. . .

Character Applications:

[b]Forum Username:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Age (21 and above):[/b][hr][b]Qualifications:[/b]
[b]Eqiupment (5-10 personal items allowed, no weapons, standard equipment TBD):[/b]
[b]Short Biography/Description (2-5 Sentences min.):[/b]


P.S.: Any questions can be directed to me via a PM, so not to crowd the OOC Thread (this one). If you believe it is important enough to bring up on the thread however, then please do so.

(I haven't done one of these in at least a year, so pardon my rusty-ness)

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