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Admiral Michael Frost: Profile of a War Criminal


The man tasked by the Alliance to command of its 33rd Fleet, none other than the infamous Admiral Michael Frost, fled custody following his atrocities aboard an occupied corporate station. In this exclusive, we explore the twisted motivations of the man, and the heroic actions undertaken by organic and synthetic personnel aboard the NSS Exodus.

Michael Frost had already begun to show signs anger and cruelty. While leaving the Holodeck after an occupation announcement, the Admiral flashed a crowd of people with a suppressive weapon, blinding a priest. The blood on his boots should have been all the sign we needed. The troops under his command were even more aggressive, particularly in their treatment of IPC crew. "I got shot five times by a marine to get these out," said Sierra Raub, speaking of photos he took of a synthetic execution Michael Frost had ordered. When asked about his mission to expose the Sol Alliance, he told me he was "not stopping now."

The NanoTrasen resistance may have been strong, but nothing could prepare them for how Michael frost would respond to the the boarding party from the 25th Fleet.

Those on scene heard gunshots and internal radio channels reported the first two men dead. Reports that the disgraced Admiral was "murdering everyone in the bridge" were soon confirmed, with multiple bodies dragged out from the command sections of the station. The station crew sustained numerous casualties, including the valiant Security Officer Ash LaCroix, who suffered grave injuries defending his crew and could not be immediately resuscitated. Michael Frost's men deployed grenades and shrapnel-based weapons with no concern for the safety of civilian personnel.

Admiral Michael Frost and his forces then proceeded to bomb the NSS Exodus medbay and murder any doctor who could not run, in violation of Sol/Biesel humanitarian agreements. The remaining civilians took refuge there, making use of whatever meager medical facilities still worked.

NanoTrasen Security first tried to maintain neutrality, but soon sided with Lieutenant Paulson of the boarding 25th Fleet, meeting him in the ravaged medbay. Head of Security Milo Frost (no relation) assembled a tactical response team, together with ERT. The station's synthetic intelligence, Sing, played a crucial role in locating the Admiral. The joint force prepared a joint offensive against his location - an asteroid just off the mining station. But Michael Frost was already making preparations to flee.

The rogue Admiral remains at large. By sending one of his own enlisted men to his death, armed with only a fake SolGov identification card and uniform, he was able to buy enough time to escape. Another of Admiral Frost's men - Sergeant Hoffman - was taken into custody after being left aboard the station by his commanding officer. Michael Frost's victims would have even included one of his own officers - Sol Officer Virgiliu Avramescu, at one point dragged away with the mocking words: "he will be remembered as one of the most loyal men who ever served Sol." But thanks to the dedication of NT ERT and Security, Avramescu - like Hoffman - was taken into custody. Both men will stand trial in the coming weeks.

The cautious reader must wonder how such a man could convince so many others to join him in his atrocities, even as he built a reputation for turning on them at the last minute. A quote from his loyal Gunnery Sergeant perfectly captured the callousness of the rest. "I'll answer for my sins when I get to hell, but I am a soldier," said Gy. Sgt. Sheev over public comms. "Good soldiers follow orders."

Evelyn Carver

Biesel Interworld Service

Correction: at the original time of publication, it was reported that Ash LaCroix died and could not be resuscitated. Recent reports from Odin medbay indicate that Mr. LaCroix is alive, though comatose.

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