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[Answered] Some questions about the general culture of Unathi

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Yes, more questions, i'll begin now

.First, how backwards is the Kazata freehold (if backwards at all) in the technology outlook?

.Do the Kazata freehold has the same security system as the Izweski hegemony? (guards, captains of the guard and so) do all goverments in Moghes do? (i recall some others being there)

.Is the Kazata freehold an active threat to the Izweski hegemony? have they allready attacked it?

.Back to the other questions, if there still are other goverments appart from the IH and the KF, are they behind in the technology race?

.Did Unathi had any instruments? if so, please say a few

.Seeing how Unathi have their own months system, do they count their years in Unathi years out of their system? in that topic, do they celebrate birthdays, or how i like to call them "hatchdays"?

.Do they have any important holiday? (apart from the one in the news)

.Is there a map of the different factions in Moghes?

.Does Unathi belive that a proper burial is needed for the spirits to pass to the spirit world? even if they are at war and they have no time to bury bodies?

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Here are some wiki pages that may interest you.


The Freehold does have a regular style of security and military. Just bear in mind they are typically guerilla fighters. All the surviving governments on Moghes have some fighting men or mercenaries, or else they wouldn't survive. The Freehold is a threat, but not existential.

Other governments on Moghes are varied. None of them have the Hegemony's level of technology, but they could be close - just too small to effectively pose a threat. Everyone is focused on reconstruction or survival.

I imagine they have instruments. Trumpets, horns, string instruments - similar to human but the songs they make sound different.


There are several important holidays. Feel free to celebrate what your clan has for its sacred days.

Birthday or hatchday can be used.

There is a map of pre-Contact War Moghes that I never uploaded, because I don't feel satisfied with the blobby mess.



If they died in battle they might be satisfied enough with that fact to pass on to the spirit realm. A body neglected is usually going to have its spirit come back as a spooky ghost; it depends on how irritated the ghost will be in regards to their body.

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